April 27, 2002

Where you stand depends on

Where you stand depends on where you sit

You know - there is always the feeling that 'THEY' know what they are doing. Like 'they' have all the facts and will make the right decisions. This article questions that assumption: Policy Divide Thwarts Powell in Mideast Effort (washingtonpost.com)

Essentially - it examines the differing opinions at the top levels of our government on how to deal with the current mid-east crisis. These guys are of the same political party - on the same 'team' if you will - and still have widely varying views on how to deal with the situation. This shows both how difficult the situation is and how even slight variations in political ideology can change one's outlook. An insightful political anaylst of the past once stated: "Where you stand depends on where you sit" This compact and illuminating phrase essentially states that your position or job can affect how you will look upon a certain event or solution. If you are in the Airforce - you may favor an air-powered solution vs. a naval solution in a military situation - etc.

Rumsfeld prefers his military solutons over Powell's negotiations - or at least is very sympathetic to Sharon and his violence - Pentagon - State Department - sit - stand - blah blah blah....

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