April 24, 2002

"Anywhere you hang yourself is

"Anywhere you hang yourself is home..."
"Used to live at home now you stay at their house..."
"Well a person can work up a mean thirst after a long day of nothing much at all..."

Paul Westerburg and the Replacements were it for a few years back a while ago. I first saw them at the rec hall of UC Davis in 1990 and got my ticket stubbed signed by the whole band after waiting outside the backdoor for an hour and a half with Erik Jarvi (RIP)--it was a big deal back then. I still have that ticket. Tonight I saw Paul Westerburg with Sean--pretty deep stuff considering Sean introduced me to them originally. I recorded the show on my minidisc recorder. I'll put the sounds up soon (just a few songs in, Paul got pissed at a Sonny Bono comment, slapped the perp, and proceded to storm off the stage--ah, rock n' roll baby!). In the meantime, check out the pics...can you tell they were taken at the Virgin MegaPlex?

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