April 01, 2003


I [still] work for the biggest company in the world. Articles like this one really help define what my experience is like traveling to Wal-Mart functions. I was at the Kansas City meeting mentioned in the article and it's as surreal as it sounds. Bryan Adams, Jeffrey Katzenberg (the K of DreamWorks' SKG), Joe Montana, and Colin Powell all on stage before a throng of store managers...all before 9a.m. Let me know f you're interested to hear more. Otherwise I'll stop boring you for now.

Oh yeah, enough people ask me on a regular basis what I'm currently listening to that I've decided to include a module on the right navbar that will creatively be referred to as "Listening To". Haven't figured out yet where the stuff will link to so it'll most likely be random. I'd link to an affiliate program so that CD's bought through my link would make me some money but that seems a little lame...especially since walmart.com doesn't have such a program.

Posted by Pedraum at April 1, 2003 10:45 AM |