April 04, 2003

A day of blog mods

I found a nice OS X Jaguar app for editing this site from the comfort of my TiBook. It's called EsspressoBlog and this entry is being written from it as I speak. The best feature? Spell checking of corse course.

I spent much of the day noodling with my Listening To module. The changes aren't obvious to the viewing public but it's a lot easier for me to manage now (and therefore more likely that you'll know what I'm listening to at any given time). I was considering all sorts of fancy ways to achieve this. I knew I wanted my song list to be easily editable. To do that it needed to be it's own blog. The only trick was now how was I to embed this second, stripped-down blog into my main blog? The MTOtherBlog plugin was the answer. MovableType rocks.

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