May 16, 2003

iLoo Is A Hoax, No It's Not, Made Ya Look!

The best of this story is the headlines it generated. Here's a smattering for your viewing pleasure (thanks to GMSV):

Microsoft comes clean on iLoo (Seattle Times)
Microsoft dumps Internet toilet idea - - again (San Jose Mercury News)
Microsoft admits iLoo was a load of crap (Independent Online, South Africa)
iLoo makes Microsoft gag (BusinessWeek)
Microsoft tries to close the lid on iLoo (NewsFactor Network)
Microsoft tries to flush away its iLoo snafu (InfoWorld)
Wi-fi-while-you-wee-wee not load of crap after all, but dumped anyway (
Microsoft has knickers in twist over iLoo (The Globe and Mail)
Microsoft: iLoo idea full of poop (Wired News)
Software titan poo-poos iLoo (New York Post)
Microsoft waffles on Internet toilet (Contra Costa Times)

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