May 22, 2003

More Good Writing

I love to find a new blog that I enjoy reading. Quinn's provided us with two keepers thus far. The first was Tremble and now we get Fanatical Apathy. Here's an example of the type of wit that got me hooked:

"According to our President, the forest-thinning bill, which will encourage more logging on federal lands, is "good, common-sense environmental policy." It's hard to argue with this fire-prevention reasoning - if it ain't there, it can't burn. I don't know why Smokey the Bear never thought of this particular environmental Final Solution."

"This sort of measure is a venerable American tradition, dating back to when there was the horrifying prospect of Native Americans having to suffer the indignity of living on extremely crowded reservations. A few smallpox-laden blankets later we were able to provide our native pals with a little elbow room. Here's a modest proposal: Why not apply this shrewd strategy to our terror defense? Seems to me that Al Qaeda can't take out a building that we've already knocked down. Take that, Osama!" Posted by Pedraum at May 22, 2003 02:29 PM |