May 03, 2004

Google's Ticker Symbol?

We've got a decent cohort representing Google that we claim among our readers here. And unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past week you undoubtedly know that they've made official their plans to file for an IPO. Now, having gone through the whole process in the past I must say I'm jaded (I'm rich!! Oh, nevermind) though this Google thing is pretty damn killer. Knowing a few folks that were there pretty early on I can say that, though lofty, their aim of changing the world isn't that crazy...and the Wall Street Journal agrees with me. Any insights in the comments are welcomed...and take a shot at guessing their ticker while you're there:

"But, based on its track record, we give Google's revolution a shot. After all, the company managed to solve the biggest problem vexing the Internet: simply finding stuff. Not lost, hidden documents tucked on a server in Budapest, but ordinary stuff. Remember how much search used to stink? Remember the days where Web-site rankings were dominated by pages with spamlike banks of keywords at the bottom? Remember when a clever page was one that hid its endless repeated keywords in white text on a white background? Remember RealNames, whose business existed principally to sell companies a spot in search results for their own name, because otherwise it might not show up? Google washed all this muck away -- we've never met anybody who didn't adopt Google as their search engine the day they discovered it. (In fact, we once said we'd pay for it.)" Posted by Pedraum at May 3, 2004 05:14 PM | TrackBack |