May 28, 2004

We Got Bumped

Pong, yo!

So most of you know that we're waiting for #2 to come out. And by "come out" I mean we had a scheduled C-section. And by "#2" I mean our daughter, hitherto to be referred to in the somewhat less objective Sophie (a working title). So we're scheduled to have this kid on May 26th ("Is 8:30 good for you?") enjoying the predictability that my wife's pelvic geometry brings to the birthing process. Well, it turns out that a lot of people were having babies on May 26th. So many, in fact, that the nurse from L&D (Labor and Delivery for those playing the home version) called us @ 5:50a.m. to give us the news. Mind you, #1 (or "Luc" for the sticklers) was at his grandparents' house so this was a chance for us to have an interrupted morning of sleep, the first in as long as I can remember. Thank you Mrs. Nurse-from-Stanford-Hospital, thank you for not giving us that morning of sleep...and with such terrific news too! ("I'm afraid we have no beds for you. No, I don't know yet when you can be rescheduled. Yes, I realize you're upset. No, I will not stick this phone up my [bleep]."

So we were bumped unceremoniously. No coupon for a free C-section or an upgrade to First Class (think wet nurses from Baywatch for my personal image of what that might look like). A new time of Monday @ 12:30 was given. You can be sure to get the updates here if you're interested. If I am conscious enough I may even post pictures/ movie clips.

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