May 28, 2004

Beyond A Shadow

We've talked about DJ Shadow before but I haven't seen the guy in years. Well, Wednesday night was the local premiere of his forthcoming movie, In Tune and On Time and i was lucky enough to be on the guest list. I'd assumed I wouldn't be going because, as you read below I was to be a father to a brand-spanking-new daughter that day. Well, wifey is cool enough to understand that no new baby means this hip-hop-head-in-daddy-clothing can still make it to the flick. Ring, ring Hasan's in (we daddy's need to stick together ya know) and we meet at the Lumiere Theatre in the heart of San Francisco (one of about four hearts Frisco's got). Oh, they changed the theatre to the Embarcaderro? No it up town and $7 later we're at the end of a mondo line. We're on the guest list so I'm not worried about the fact that the wind is turning my face into stretched leather...the view from the base of the Transamaerica Building makes up for that. What I do worry about was the fact that they stopped letting people into the theatre with a line of only abut 20 of us left.

As we stood in disbelief, DJ Shadow walked out to personally apologize to us. I called "Josh" and he turned to look at me. "Who the hell are you", he thought. "Steve's Pizza", I said. "No waaaay! Doooope!" We caught up a bit, he signed a poster that he grabbed from a nearby box ("The least I can do about this ") and we were off to walk to North Beach where two latte's from Greco awaited Hesh and I. On the way we saw Chief Xcel from Blackalicious ("Davis?! No way, right on"). Davis holds a special place in my heart for the connections and memories made there. It oughta hold a place in all hip-hop heads minds as well as some of the best hip-hop around today had its genesis there.

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