June 03, 2004

Changes Come In Waves

Ya'll know about the new baby (we had two stretches of sleep last night that have moved the sleep deprivation in the right direction) but we've got other changes afoot. Some of you may have heard this story already...I was contacted by an internal recruiter from Apple a month or so ago who left me a message about a new group that's grown within Apple over the last couple of months. It's the Worldwide Online Store and it's apparently got a lot of internal focus right now. Sales from this direct channel ("direct" including the physical Apple Retail Stores and the Telesales along with the Online Store) are going way up. Apple likes to control the shopping experience (all the way down to the packaging of products--iPod users know what I'm talking about) and the next place they're aiming their focus is the Worldwide Online Store. I thought the call from the recruiter was a friend playing a practical joke on me. The 408 area code led me to believe it was Shervin or a friend he'd put up to leaving the message; it sounded too good to be true. I called back the "recruiter" and thankfully didn't make an ass of myself when he started talking, I was unusually professional and we set up a breakfast for the next morning at the Hobees across from De Anza College (very Silicon Valley and very relevant to Apple history). Breakfast went well and was followed the next morning by a breakfast with the hiring V.P., Jennifer Bailey. That, too, went very well and I went in for a few interviews over the next couple of weeks.

I received an offer about three weeks ago to become Apple's Director of Product Management and Strategy for the Worldwide Online Store. I'm very excited to get started on June 14th. I've got a couple of positions to fill when I get started so if you or someone you know is qualified, lemme know. Does using a PowerBook as your assigned work computer sound like a good deal or what?! UPDATE: the job listings link has become stale. Use the search by job requisition number to search on #2123445. Thanks to PK for the catch).

I leave behind a position as a Director for the fastest growing division of the largest company in the world. I know, what am I thinking? For those that ask that question, you don't know me very well. I've been an Apple guy for years now and working for a purveyor of cool carries a lot of weight with me. The friendships and the experiences gained at The Dotcom teed me up perfectly for this new opportunity and I'm grateful for that...but with two kids at home now, working for a company I'm passionate about (that happens to be 30 minutes closer to home) takes priority. Stay tuned for updates.

Written while listening to Rider On The Wheel from the album "Made To Love Magic" by Nick Drake

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