June 06, 2004

You Guys vs. Y'all Smackdown

Ever since a speech class in college I've been trying to avoid using the term "you guys" to refer to a mixed group of people. If it's a group of men, OK, they're all guys. But if there are women in the group then isn't that a bit sexist? And what if it's a group of all women. You guys for sure could be offensive to some in that situation. OK, probably not but still this professor in college was adamant about it and, so sue me, I'm impressionable. Now that I'm so old and so much wiser, I thought I'd bring the question to you, loyal readers, to help inform the debate. Personally, I like "y'all" cuz it makes me feel a bit hip-hop.

Written while listening to Get Down from the album "God's Son" by Nas

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