June 10, 2004

Not Quite As Old Skool

But old skool none the less...

A couple of band pictures taken at UCDavis. The year was probably 1992 on the left and about the same on the right. We played a place called Mansion Cellars during Wednesday open mic nights. Here were other musicians (and I use the term for all of us collectively, very loosely) with their flutes, or their acoustic guitars. And here comes us, BFJ, with our drum kit, bass rig, two electric guitars with way too much amplifier wattage, and a saxophone player. It was the ultimate in shlepping for 10 minutes of playing in front of a small crowd.

Our persistence paid off though (and I use the term very loosely). In a matter of a couple of years we had built up quite the following in Davis, eventually opening for bigger acts that were coming through town (No Doubt, Cake, Fungo Mungo, Michel Jackson, Prince--OK, I'm lying about the last two...but still). We recorded a demo in the garage belonging to a middle aged father of three whose first words upon opening the door were, "Do you smoke dope?" Needless to say, it's a rough demo.

The picture on the right captures noon on the quad at UCD. That was the time you lived for in Spring and Summer (if you were stuck in summer school). By 1994 the band had become popular enough that we were being invited to real paying gigs. Noon on the quad for homecoming, Picnic Day at noon on the main stage, and the like. I know it's not much, but for a kid who dreamed of playing music this was pretty good stuff.

Since the gravy days of college I've kept a guitar with me at all times and have continued to write music albeit in a much more insular form. The recording I've done has been very personal and I'm not ready to share just yet but I will share what my young prodigy has most recently produced.

Written while listening to Georgia On My Mind from the album "The Very Best" by Ray Charles

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