June 14, 2004

Three Bidness-Related Items

1) My new boss talks (OK, boss' boss' boss)...he's got some interesting insights. I had my first day of work today and articles like this are probably going to be about as much information as i can give. Long story short, it's a good company. Highlights:

Q: You've been criticized forever for not playing in the low end of the PC market. Is the iPod your $400 computer?
A: Yeah, we actually approached it that way. We said we're going to invest in the iPod rather than a PDA and we also said it looks a lot like a $400 computer. And for us the volume is pretty good, so yes. But we want to make them cheaper still. I mean, we're not happy with iPods costing $300 and $400 and we want to keep driving the prices down on them so we're working very hard on that.

Q: A lot of music is likely to be available in formats I can't play on my iPod today.
A: Like what?

Q: Like [Microsoft Corp.'s] Windows Media Format. Why should I as a consumer have to have a limitation on my device because you have a religious war with [Microsoft Chairman] Bill Gates? Are you against consumer choice?
A: No. Right now we've got a choice to make ourselves, which is should we spend our energy enhancing the music store and enhancing the iPod in the format that has 70% of the business or should we take some of that energy and stop innovating and go back and try to play Windows Media, which has 30% or less of the market. And we've chosen right now to go with the 70% format. We really believe that we can innovate much more if we control that technology.

Q: So what if they get to 50%?
A: Well, then let's talk again.

2) Bono is joining a VC fund. The name of said fund? Why, Elevation naturally.

3) Congratulations Payam:
"Reply Inc., Walnut Creek, Calif., launched a Web site (www.reply.com) that provides one-stop shopping for residential real estate, automotives, home improvement, financing, insurance and other categories. Reply said its service marketplace comprises more than 12,000 service providers nationwide. Reply, formerly called Next Phase Media Inc., has 75 employees."

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