June 14, 2005

Traveling Workspace

I've never much enjoyed sitting at a desk all day. I should actually say until now. The online Apple Store engineering group is in a temporary building right now and that means that my usual office has been replaced by a cube in a bit of a bullpen of four cubes. The four of us form a square and our backs all point to the middle of the space. There's a constant hum of working and conversations and rather than being terribly distracting, I find it oddly comforting. I can throw on my Grado SR-60's (highly recommended) and crank out a functional spec or crunch some weekly metrics hearing but not listening to the background buzz of activity. Maybe I'm super gregarious or maybe I'm just a nut (don't answer that). Either way, great minds work alike it seems. Malcolm Gladwell works the same way apparently. Now, the question is does he use a Mac? I'll bet he does. Report forthcoming...

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