June 21, 2005

Queen plugging into iPod

Queen plugging into iPod
From correspondents in London
June 17, 2005

THE Queen had dipped into the royal purse to snap up an iPod, a report said today. Britain's The Sun newspaper said the 79-year-old sovereign had bought a six-gigabyte silver model for £169 ($400). The pocket-sized digital music players can hold up to 10,000 downloaded songs. The Queen's second son Prince Andrew, fourth in line to the throne, was reported to be behind the move, having bought his mother a mobile phone and taught her how to use it in 2001.

“The Queen loves music and was impressed by how small and handy the iPod is,” a royal insider told The Sun.
“Obviously it is quite complicated to download songs, but I'm sure one of the courtiers will do it for her.
”Prince Andrew will probably also help out because he's a real dab hand with gadgets.“
The newspaper suggested Abba's Dancing Queen and Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears might be on the royal iPod.

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