June 29, 2005

More Innocent Times

Ah see I met this girl and I said to her, “Honey
if you wanna be my baby you got ta gimme money!”
Turned around, didn't mean no harm
I knocked her out, with my vicious charm
I said, “No no baby it's not like that
Ya see I'm all about makin that cold cold cash”
Started jivin around, started messin wit her head
And next thing I know, she wanted to go to ***

That's right, they ished-out “bed” in Sugarhill Gang's 8th Wonder. Just for kicks, let's juxtapose this against one of my favorite Biggie Smalls beats, Hypnotize:

I put hoes in NY onto DKNY (uh-huh)
Miami, D.C. prefer Versace (that's right)
All Philly hoes, dough and Moschino (c'mon)
Every cutie wit a booty bought a Coogi (haaaaah!)
Now who's the real dookie, meanin who's really the ****
Them niggaz ride *****, Frank White push the sticks
on the Lexus, LX, four and a half
Bulletproof glass tints if I want some ***
Gon' blast squeeze first ask questions last
That's how most of these so-called gangsters pass
At last, a ***** rappin bout blunts and broads
**** and bras, menage-a-tois, sex in expensive cars
I still leave you on the pavement
Condo paid for, no car payment
At my arraignment, note for the plantiff
Your daughter's tied up in a Brooklyn basement (shhh)
Face it, not guilty, that's how I stay filthy (not guilty)
Richer than Richie, till you ****** come and get me

Times is done changed son. Belie'dat.</fakeGangsterSpeak>

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