July 29, 2005

Listen to Employees to Thrive


“Communication lines were suddenly open,” says Justin Fuller, an American engineer in Tulsa, Okla. “Before, people had ideas, but they didn't know where to take them. They also thought it wouldn't make any difference if they did. Now, the groundwork has been laid so people know where to take their ideas and how to get them implemented.”

Read more about American Airlines is surviving in a market that makes the skies look a little less than friendly right now. For the record, Pejman exhorted me to invest in AMR over six months ago. I didn't listen. I did, however, heed his advice on Gilead. This might be the most bourgeois thing I've ever said on this blog. It happens to us all. Moby (or Mo for those playing the home version) told a story of having friends over recently and suggesting to them that they “go for a walk cuz I haven't seen all of my property yet”. He wins Bobo contest.

Written while groovin' to Exit Flagger from the album “Human Amusements At Hourly Rates” by Guided by Voices

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