December 05, 2005

What a Sweet Riot

Sarah Endline started a company called Sweet Riot. The make these super cool cacao nubs covered in yuminess (OK, this isn't very technical, Sarah can fill in the details on the comments). Suffice it to say they're rad. And they come in this terrific little tins that are adorned with artwork that matches the flavor of the cacao...complex and a little nutty (like me, badumbum). After just a few weeks on the market Sweet Riot is taking off...they're the first food item to be carried in the MOMA store in NYC and they made BusinessWeek this past week (so we know Pejman's in!). If you're gonna be at SXSW then you can hear Sarah speak on a panel...Sundance, yep they'll be there...TED? prolly. You guessed it, this is cool kid cacao.

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