August 21, 2006

Business Prevention Unit

It continues to impress me how lame the traditional businesses surrounding the music industry are. Latest case in point, huge fans of music create tablature of the songs and put them online for other lovers of said songs to learn on their guitars and enjoy. The Music Publishers' Association sees this as theft. Dude. Really. Come on.

“To hear music publishers tell it, though, the tablature sites are getting away with mass theft. Mr. Keiser, of the Music Publishers’ Association, said that before these sites started operating in the early ‘90s, the most popular printed tablatures typically sold 25,000 copies in a year. Now the most popular sell 5,000 copies at most.”

This is really, really misleading data and I'd at least expect these guys to be professional about this thing. Heard of the Long Tail guys? That is there are fewer hits in general and the market is now spread across much more choice. In other words, the sales of your best-selling Barry Manilow tab were going to go down anyway. The tab sites create a market for your warez. I don't have an MBA but I do know that suing your most passionate and involved customers is a long-run bad idea.

Written while groovin' to O Death from the album “Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart” by Camper Van Beethoven

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