January 29, 2007

For the Hip Hop Headz

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I'd like to highly recommend Gang Starr's Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr. I was first introduced to Gang Starr's MC, Guru, when his label sent me a disc to review in 1993. Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1 was smooth, scratching me right where I was itching at the time. Before that it was A Tribe Called Quest that was responsible for the infusion of Jazz into hip-hop, using legendary bassist Ron Carter on their album. But the smooth taste of my first introduction to Guru belied his hip-hop cred. It wasn't until I later became interested in hip-hop production that learned of DJ Premiere and, as a result, Gang Starr. Fast forward to now when I've picked up plenty of Gang Starr here and there but the re-mastered Full Clip best of is terrific; an homage to the days of smooth vocal flows and militant devotion to the game. The one where MC'ing and beats were the focus. Oh, and don't pay attention to the other best of that just came out, it's an effort by the label to squeeze more money out of Guru and Premiere's oeuvre. Full Clip is where it's at.

Written while groovin' to Ex Girl to Next Girl from the album “Full Clip: A Decade Of Gang Starr Disc 1” by Gang Starr

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