February 07, 2008

Religion :: Latin: religio, ligo, “to bind together”

I often find myself telling someone about the Bahá'í Faith for the first time, they've never heard of it before. Or if they have, it was in passing or they knew someone once who was a Bahá'í...you get the idea. Religion, especially in its organized form, has driven many away because it has been used as a justification for violence and has led, ultimately, to disunity. Reading the following quote from the Bahá'í sacred texts today (thanks to an e-mail list I'm on) reminded me why I fell in the love with my faith in the first place. Bolding added by me:

Likewise, Muhammad appeared at a time when the peoples and tribes of Arabia were divergent and in a state of continual warfare. They killed each other, pillaged and took captive wives and children. Muhammad united these fierce tribes, established a foundation of fellowship among them so that they gave up warring against each other absolutely and established communities. The result was that the Arabian tribes freed themselves from the Persian yoke and Roman control, established an independent sovereignty which rose to a high degree of civilization, advanced in sciences and arts, extended the Saracen dominion as far west as Spain and Andalusia and became famous throughout the world. Therefore, it is proved once more that the religion of God is intended to be the cause of advancement and solidarity and not of enmity and dissolution. If it becomes the cause of hatred and strife, its absence is preferable. Its purpose is unity, and its foundations are one.

Written while groovin' to Burning Spear from the album “Texas Thunder Soul (1968-1974)” by Kashmere Stage Band

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