November 07, 2008


Public Enemy always has bodyguards on stage with them, they're the S1W. They're the dudes who stand in the back, arms folded, scanning the audience for trouble. This passivity is punctuated with the occasional spirit of '68 olympics fists in the air. I couldn't help but notice that Biden looks like Obama's S1W in this pic taken today in Chicago with their economic advisors.

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Obama 511.22

“Uh, your bad self
Help me break this down from off the shelf
Here's a music servin' you so use it
Papa's got a brand new funk
Get down (party for your right)
Huh, let's get it on
Like we said before
They say the brothers causin' trouble
Hate to bust their bubble
'Cause we rumble
From our lower level
To condition your condition
(We're gonna do a song)
That you never heard before
Make you all jump along to the education
Brothers gonna work it out
And stop chasin'
Brothers, brothers gonna work it out”

From “Brothers Gonna Work It Out”

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