April 30, 2003

Cool Advert

I read somewhere that this thing is real...and that it took 60 takes. Anyone have any more information about it? Based on what the directors have done previously, I wouldn't put it past them.
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April 29, 2003

A Backyard Fit To BBQ In

When we moved into our house it was a mess. We did a bunch of work on it before moving in (yeah, I know I still need to post the after pictures; the 50's mustiness still wafting here). The backyard, however, took a back seat. It served as the dumping ground for the guts of the kitchen and two bathrooms as they were gutted and rennovated. Broken glass everywhere...not a place for Luc to hang out in. Well, now it is. And it's a place for his parents to entertain during the summer months. If you'll excuse a bit of hubris, there's a QuickTime movie of our backyard before and after.

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April 28, 2003

This Poor Cat

Line vs. Lion
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April 27, 2003

Don't Sue Your Customers...

...or so the old adage goes.

Harry Shearer (Bassist from Spinal Tap, Principal Skinner from The Simpsons, and, most-recently, folk-singer from A Mighty Wind) writes a great piece about the record industry and the sorry state it's in. His thesis: Market to the people who actually have money to spend and who don't want to spend time figuring out how to download music because they have more important things to do.

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April 26, 2003

One, of many, Reasons I Love The Bay Area

Free Wi-Fi access
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April 25, 2003


Remember the arcade game Tempest...for those from W.C., Lippert's used to have it for a long time. Well this one's kinda like it...fun for a few minutes.

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Don't [ahem] Poo Poo It

The Japanese are known for some interesting idiosyncrasies (please note the self-restraint I have shown by not linking the aforementioned word "idiosyncrasies" to anything off-color. If you can't link to anything nice...) This is one of those ideas that I can honestly say I don't get. Miniature Golden feces is a hit.
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Spirit Toys

Though a spoof, I have to believe these Hello Jesus toys would actually do quite well were they on the market.
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April 24, 2003

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words...

UPDATE: Jerry was right, the site aesthetic was suffereing as a result of the agregious picture.

A picture is, usually, worth a thousand words. In this case, however, the only word (repeated about one thousand times) is 'Yikes'!

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Digital Divide?

The Pew Internet Project has released their latest report on The Ever-Shifting Internet Population: A new look at Internet access and the digital divide.

UPDATE: Some specific data that confirms what our business is showing...E-Commerce is growing.

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April 21, 2003


What can I say, I'm an e-commerce geek. Articles with titles like "Site Navigation: A Few Helpful Definitions" make me happy.

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April 20, 2003

Cloudy Sunday Brings Random Links

Yesterday was sunny and a balmy 74 degrees. His morning we awoke to Luc's coughing to see the clouds covering the sun once again. It's getting old but I can't complain too much after the winter I know friends had along the East Coast. Anyway, on with the links:

This one's wrong (but oddly addicting)
This one's wronger
This one has the most wrongitude of most things you'll find here (shhh, it's fake)

All these links make me feel happy. Ya know what happiness looks like?

Oh, and for something slightly more serious (it is in the New York Times after all) a conversation with Bono about the history of U2 and the forthcoming album.

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April 17, 2003

Tortuous Personal Affects

I always thought that listening to George Michael was torture but this is a little too literal.
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Strange But [probably] True

A good source informs me that:

Hollywood celebrities who have spoken out against the Iraq war are being boycotted by bodyguards.

Personal protection agencies are largely staffed by ex-US military men. And all of a sudden, the anti-war stars are finding it impossible to hire a bodyguard or protection services.

So any sex-pests, weirdos or stalkers looking to get close to the likes of Martin Sheen, Dixie Chicks and Sean Penn... now could be your big chance!

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April 16, 2003

Wireless Number Portability...

We work on the kiosks that are deployed in WAL*MART stores that offer multiple carriers compared side to side. I learned about a thing called Wireless Number Portability a couple of years ago because of it. It's a federal mandate for wireless carriers to build in functionality to let consumers switch carriers and take their phone numbers with them. As you can imagine, the carriers aren't too excited about this:

"This is good for consumers," but bad for wireless carriers, said Roger Entner, an industry analyst with the Yankee Group, a research firm.

I see both sides of this thing and I firmly believe that it creates a real opportunity for carriers to form a relationship with customers that goes beyond mere promotions that change every fifteen days or so. Coverage, a fair price, customer service...these are things important to me and in that order (and I doubt I'm the only one).

Well, the carriers aren't going down without a fight. They've applied for extensions at least twice before and it appears now that they were merely stalling while they developed their case. Let's hope the consumer doesn't get the short end of the stick. If I hear of any letter-writing campaign or the like I'll link to it.

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April 14, 2003

After the Battle...The Looting Begins

"A country's identity, its value and civilization resides in its history..."

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A Sensible Dinner...

I've never tried any dieting programs, having as I do the metabolism of a hyper humming bird. However, I can safely say that I'm glad I never joined Weight Watchers in the 70's? Wanna know why? Look no further.
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How's Your Mideast Geography?

I expect some frequent ariped readers to do pretty well on this quiz while I expect others to...well...fail like I did. Post a comment, let the world know how you did. Come on, do it.
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April 13, 2003

Why Didn't I Ever Think of This As A Kid

I played with Estes rockets, I rode BMX Bikes. It's amazing me and my destructive friends didn't think of this.

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Create Your Own Bushisms

Do it, you know you want to. Just don't blame me for the strange looks you get if you play with it at work.

UPDATE: We know about the original Bushisms a commentary on our President's mastery (or not) of the English language. Well, apparently the literary bug is contagious. Yeah, Donald Rumsfeld is quite the e.e. cummings himself.

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April 08, 2003

Home Despot

Not sure what the purpose of this site is but it's a nice parody. Created by a friend of the brother of a friend.
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Wasting Away In Bentonville

I'm spending the week (until Wednesday evening anyway) in Bentonville, Arkansas. A trip to the home office used to be surreal but it's becoming more and more familiar. In fzact, I'd go so far as to say that I actually enjoy it (minus the missing family part). Read a bit more about experiences in Bentonville that mirror my early ones.
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April 04, 2003

Yet another MT plugin

I've been doing this blogging thing long enough to have a "this day in..." module? Cool. Check it out on the right-hand side.

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A day of blog mods

I found a nice OS X Jaguar app for editing this site from the comfort of my TiBook. It's called EsspressoBlog and this entry is being written from it as I speak. The best feature? Spell checking of corse course.

I spent much of the day noodling with my Listening To module. The changes aren't obvious to the viewing public but it's a lot easier for me to manage now (and therefore more likely that you'll know what I'm listening to at any given time). I was considering all sorts of fancy ways to achieve this. I knew I wanted my song list to be easily editable. To do that it needed to be it's own blog. The only trick was now how was I to embed this second, stripped-down blog into my main blog? The MTOtherBlog plugin was the answer. MovableType rocks.

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busy day

Got some links to share but it might have to wait until later. Sean and Fabulo are both in town from D.C. and Chile respectively...blogging takes a back seat for now.

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April 02, 2003

do not call me

Today's Public Service Announcement brings us a list that you can put your name on to be removed from telemarketing call manifests. Read more about it here

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Belated april fool's day fodder

There's nothing quite like a good hoax. This year seemed tamer than in the past. I surmise it has something to do with the overall somber mood brought on by the conflict in Iraq. If anyone has ideas for a good hoax to play on a deserving cousin please let me know about them in the comments.

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Commerce is thicker than fundamentalism

Saudi billionaire urges Arabs to stick by Wall St

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April 01, 2003


I [still] work for the biggest company in the world. Articles like this one really help define what my experience is like traveling to Wal-Mart functions. I was at the Kansas City meeting mentioned in the article and it's as surreal as it sounds. Bryan Adams, Jeffrey Katzenberg (the K of DreamWorks' SKG), Joe Montana, and Colin Powell all on stage before a throng of store managers...all before 9a.m. Let me know f you're interested to hear more. Otherwise I'll stop boring you for now.

Oh yeah, enough people ask me on a regular basis what I'm currently listening to that I've decided to include a module on the right navbar that will creatively be referred to as "Listening To". Haven't figured out yet where the stuff will link to so it'll most likely be random. I'd link to an affiliate program so that CD's bought through my link would make me some money but that seems a little lame...especially since walmart.com doesn't have such a program.

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