May 28, 2003

Comical Ali

Do you miss the Iraqi "Information" Minister as much as I do? Don't fret.
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For those with Midwestern tendancies...Lawn mower racing.
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May 27, 2003

Grillin' Madness

I've been spending a fair amount of time grilling in the new backyard. We're in the market for a new propane grill too (any reccomendations?). Who knew you could spend $1000 on a grill! Anyways, courtesy of The Huaso comes an interesting tidbit the original source of which seems to appear here:

Finally, you've dressed the part, the grill is fired up, the Certified Angus cuts of beef are perfectly seasoned with the best ingredients, and tongs in hand, you are ready to reclaim your honor. Still apprehensive things might go awry?

Never fear. Just pull out your cell phone and dial 1-800-474-5568. You can speak instantly to a Certified Barbecue Expert at the Weber Grill-Line seven days a week from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. through Labor Day. A team of home economists certified by Weber as "barbecue experts" have been trained in a wide variety of grilling subjects. Think of them as your on-call "fairy grill mothers" ready to wave their magic tongs and keep you on your path to grilling greatness.

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Big Whoop

Needless to say this is my new favorite ringtone.
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May 26, 2003

Antiques + Bull

Is there a pun for this sort of thing?
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May 25, 2003

In N' Out Urge

Got to burger joint before the rush. Bought burgers for the fam. Just goes to show you, the early bird gets the Double Double.

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May 22, 2003

More Good Writing

I love to find a new blog that I enjoy reading. Quinn's provided us with two keepers thus far. The first was Tremble and now we get Fanatical Apathy. Here's an example of the type of wit that got me hooked:

"According to our President, the forest-thinning bill, which will encourage more logging on federal lands, is "good, common-sense environmental policy." It's hard to argue with this fire-prevention reasoning - if it ain't there, it can't burn. I don't know why Smokey the Bear never thought of this particular environmental Final Solution."

"This sort of measure is a venerable American tradition, dating back to when there was the horrifying prospect of Native Americans having to suffer the indignity of living on extremely crowded reservations. A few smallpox-laden blankets later we were able to provide our native pals with a little elbow room. Here's a modest proposal: Why not apply this shrewd strategy to our terror defense? Seems to me that Al Qaeda can't take out a building that we've already knocked down. Take that, Osama!"

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May 21, 2003

A World Without Smoke?

Now, I've been known to enjoy the occassional tobacco-based product but please don't tell me I'm a hypocrite. I believe that adults should be able to make the choice whether or not they'd like to pollute their lungs. I also believe that marketing products overseas or to kids oughta be regulated on a global scale. Seems this may the first step towards that end.
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May 20, 2003

Star Wars Kid Redux

UPDATE: Remember the Star Wars kid we talked about earlier? Well, the New York Times picked up the story. Blogs scoop again. Or did blogs create this story? It's tough to tell.
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May 16, 2003

iLoo Is A Hoax, No It's Not, Made Ya Look!

The best of this story is the headlines it generated. Here's a smattering for your viewing pleasure (thanks to GMSV):

Microsoft comes clean on iLoo (Seattle Times)
Microsoft dumps Internet toilet idea - - again (San Jose Mercury News)
Microsoft admits iLoo was a load of crap (Independent Online, South Africa)
iLoo makes Microsoft gag (BusinessWeek)
Microsoft tries to close the lid on iLoo (NewsFactor Network)
Microsoft tries to flush away its iLoo snafu (InfoWorld)
Wi-fi-while-you-wee-wee not load of crap after all, but dumped anyway (
Microsoft has knickers in twist over iLoo (The Globe and Mail)
Microsoft: iLoo idea full of poop (Wired News)
Software titan poo-poos iLoo (New York Post)
Microsoft waffles on Internet toilet (Contra Costa Times)

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I wasn't going to post this last week because I was sure it was a fake. Well, it turns out to be real. Which, in all honesty, is disturbing to me. I'll let you read his profile details to learn why.
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Reason #212 to Have Dogs As Pets...

...instead of bunny rabbits.
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Authors Are People Too

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a family friend who also happens to be an accomplished author. Her name is Firoozeh Dumas and she has a new book that's about to be published. Funny in Farsi is "a warm, affectionate, and frequently hilarious memoir of growing up Iranian-American in Southern California". Firoozeh's been getting all sorts of great press recently but perhaps her strongest endorsement yet has come from Nobel laureate Jimmy Carter who had the following to say about the forthcoming book:

"A humorous and introspective chronicle of a life filled with love--of family, country, and heritage."

Who knows, maybe someone will read the book and turn it into a screenplay. If that does happen I'll be flattered to call the author a friend. Listen to her NPR piece to find out why I think she rocks.

Speaking of authors, I recently wrote to Malcolm Gladwell of The Tipping Point fame. It turns out we have a friend in common. I was surprised when, the next day, I received a kind note back indicating he was flattered that I enjoyed his work (The Tipping Point is on my top ten list for non-fiction). Loyal fans rest easily, he is hard at work on his next book (which explains why his New Yorker pieces haven't been appearing recently. He'll be back with those in the Fall).

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Commitment to Something...

PC case mods, or modifications to the usually boring grey or black cases that house the innards of a personal computer, are gaining popularity. I want one with the cool neon light stobe blinking from somewhere underneath and a massive whale til on the back so I can drag race down 101 with the confidence normally reserved for those with actual life accompishment...but I digress. OK, this dude's taken it entirely too far.

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May 15, 2003

Creepy Yet Compelling

I haven't yet thought of the right person (let alone the right occasion) for which to give a Puppet Portrait but marks my words [cue music]...I will, yes I will someday somehow. Sorry for being a bit out of touch recently. Lots of good stuff going on. I'll write about them later today if all goes as planned.
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More dog cuteness

It seems the Japanese are into dressing their dogs up real cute like.
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May 07, 2003

Phat Beatz

I spent most of yesterday evening with headphones on and a MIDI keyboard next to me, laptop on lap. With Reason 2.0 running I created a beat and layered more and more poop on top of it until I came up with this. Loop it, sit back, and enjoy. It's hefty but I cranked up the quality settings to compensate for lack of creativity.
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May 05, 2003


So I had everything set to go but I left the digital camera at home. Yeah, that's right...even remembered the tripod. I feel lame, I need to laugh at someone else's expense for a ehile. Oh, Yosemite was incredible, even in the rain. It was this California native's first time there you know.
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May 02, 2003

Yosemite Bound

We're headed to Yosemite with some friends for the weekend. I'm hoping to have some pics to show after returning.

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