August 31, 2003

From your walk...

it looks like you're a man who's light, nervous, and happy. This is a trip.
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Home-Made Stereograms

Jerry, here's another one for you. (WARNING: not quite work-safe).
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August 30, 2003


I like art...and I like Adobe Photoshop©. Celebrities? They're cool too...especially when they're fodder for the intersection of the first two interests mentioned.
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August 29, 2003

Hello Anna

Does Jeff look excited or what.
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Hey Jerry...

Can you please tinker with this for a while and tell me if it's worth checking out?
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August 28, 2003

If you loved...

"" then you'll love
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August 22, 2003

Less Than A Trilogy

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August 19, 2003

Liquid Night Sky (Blackout)

I've been on vacation (still am) and so less able to update the site as regularly as normally. I'm in Arizona with the fam where we're enjoying 108 degree temperatures and no gasoline (no joke, you gotta wait four hours in line right now). Needless to say, we're not venturing out much. It could be worse, it could be Iraq. (Thanks to Mark T. for the Iraqi tips referral).

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August 07, 2003

Presidential Inbox

Ever wonder what President Bush's e-mail Inbox must look like. Here's a rare glimpse.

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August 05, 2003

What is Blogging?

One of the more well-written pieces on what blogging is and why it matters. It figures that this one is targeted towards librarians.

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Original iPod Owners (me) Left Behind

It's official:
Q: I have an early model iPod, which has been updated to iPod Software 1.3.
Unfortunately, it will not update to iPod Software 2.0. The Apple Help Desk
tells me that only the newer models can update to 2.0. Is this correct? Is
there a way around this? -- Jean-Louis Lonné

A: Yes, that is correct. iPod Software 2.0 is intended only for the very
latest iPods. Older iPods are limited to iPod Software 1.3. It's a shame,
too, since that means that older iPod owners cannot benefit from iPod
Software 2.0's cooler features, such as on-the-go playlists, an integrated
alarm clock and the new solitaire game.


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August 02, 2003

Saturday Night Linky Linky

In no particular order:

Understand your internal street artist.

Guerilla parenting.

A Real or Reality© marriage?

Audiophiles mocked on their own turf.

I tried works.

This is news?

Potty link.

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August 01, 2003

Incredible Tiny Fruit

I would never have the patience to do this myself [and the whole idea seems a lil' whacky] but check it out. Click next, it gets better as you go on.

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Myst-Like Flash Game

I started playing Myst the week before grad school started. It was not wise timing. Thankfully, I was sucked into the game enough that a week was plenty of time to complete the intricate maze of mysterious puzzles. This Flash game incorporates some of the same principles and adds an extra dash of whimsy to create a pretty interesting world.
Hint #1: start clicking stuff.
Hint #2: don't start grad school soon.
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