November 29, 2003

November 26, 2003

Cool Ess-Style

Courtesy of Mona (U.K.) comes Hich-Kas. It's not gonna be so funny for you non-Farsi speakers (in the beginning of "TooyeCooloop" he says "Boroh shortee tavalodet-eh" which, loosely translated, mean "Go shortee, it's your birthday"). But think of it as a cultural exchange program. Are we sure this guy isn't really SamZeb (didja really receive death threats)?
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November 25, 2003

Tea Collection

Not sure we've ever talked about Luc's modeling career or not...I have a co-worker, David, who's married to a partner (Leigh) in Tea Collection a children's clothing company. About a year ago David sent a note out to our company's staff announcing a wholesale day for the previous year's collection. As Tea was then based in downtown Palo Alto we walked there from our, then, apartment to find some terrific clothes at reasonable prices (this stuff is swanky--normally $65 for an infant sweater and such). Leigh saw Luc and commented at how cute she thought he was. Fast forward a few weeks. David writes me a note saying that Leigh fell in love with Luc and would he be available for a photo shoot for their upcoming catalogue. .254 seconds later, after having consulted his calendar, I let him know that we were game. A world class photographer and strategic balloons ensured a successful shoot. In the end Luc ended up on the cover of the catalogue and has become the poster child (literally) for their Fall 2003 collection. Well since then Luc's been a very busy model with the work permit to prove it (scan forthcoming I hope). He's done some work for a new clothing company being started by a major movie company (think Shrek) as well as some in-house work for Pottery Barn Kids. We're currently exploring more ways to exploit him. Ideas are welcomed.

Now he's turning up elsewhere. Our friends told us they saw him full-page in Martha Stewart's Kids Holiday 2003 issue (sure enough, he's on page 17). He's also showing up in other online catalogues too. All this makes for a very proud daddy to be sure. Got a Luc sighting to report?

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November 23, 2003

Wicked Cool

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Up And To The Right

I like graphs like this one...

Written while listening to Drive My Car from the album "Rubber Soul" by The Beatles

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November 22, 2003

Scenes from Bentonville, Arkansas

Plenty of folks have asked about my exotic monthly trips to Bentonville, Arkansas. I finally remembered to take the camera with me this last time and captured a few scenes from around well as a couple from the very swanky company plane. Check it out. Requests for pics? Leave a note.
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November 20, 2003

Two iPods and a Microphone...

So I got a fancy new 40GB iPod last week (courtesy of my family--do they know me or what!). So the new device supersedes the antiquated 5GB iPod that is so 2002. So Ariane's gonna use the old clunker at the gym but I've found a new use for the two iPods. If only Sean and I had today's techmology[sic] at our fingertips when DJ-ing all those parties growing up. Uphill in the snow both ways I tell ya!
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Dealing With SPAM

We each have our own way of dealing of unsolicited junk mail, of both electronic and snail varieties. Just this morning I called every one of the 1-800-numbers on the backs of the catalogues sent to us just yesterday asking to be removed from their mailing lists (The Company Store was very helpful while Sprint...well, if you can't say anything nice). As for SPAM, I've got the filters and what not set up but I still get a few lewd messages a day to keep me pissed. That is, until now.
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November 17, 2003

Guessing Game

Can you guess which of the pictures below is the real deal and which one is from our Halloween party?

Written while listening to Undertow from the album "Long Distance" by Ivy

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November 16, 2003

Headed to Arkansas

Yeah, I do it a lot these days. I'm planning on taking the digital camera this time. And yes, i will try to take pictures inside the plane so the facade of lavish corporate travel is lifted once and for all. The sight of me eating my knees oughta dispel any allusions that I am, in fact, a mack daddy. OK, enough of this childish banter. A few housekeeping items:

^ I'm using OS X (10.3) aka Panther now and it rocks big time.
^ I've started using a new OS X Moveable Type client called Kung-Log and it, too, rocks.
^ For those of you that don't frequent the "Listening To" module on the right: shame on you. Don't care what I'm listening to? Well, buh-bye then.
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November 13, 2003

New Forms Of Communication

The wonders of nature will never cease to amaze.

"The fish tend to make noise more often when in the company of others, which suggests it plays a social role, the researchers say."

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November 09, 2003


Gracenote on steroids.
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November 06, 2003


Converting from one religion to another is a major life decision. Wouldn't it be great if there were some software that could help with the process? You know, get you up to speed on all the nuances and customs that mark a world, faith based-community. Well, look no further cuz now there's Plug'n'Pray.© Restrictions apply. Offer not valid in all states. Must be 15 years or older to participate. May cause anal leakage.

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Booyakasha, Bo Selecta, Everryytiiiime!

He's baaaack.

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The Office

It is with great pleasure that I officially introduce the cohort to "The Office". It's a sitcom broadcast on BBC America but unlike other sitcoms, this one doesn't suck. It's filmed like a documentary (it kept the costs down, one of the ways they got the go-ahead to do the pilot) and the actors are simply brilliant (that's snob for good). Take a look at as many of the clips as you can to get a feel for how smart and witty this show really is. It's my new favorite show, aiiiii?

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November 05, 2003

Congratulations Molly & Quinn!

Congratulations to Molly and Quinn on the announcement of Quinn Jr. Yes, it could be a Quinnona. In the words of Quinn, he "got one past the goalie". Maybe he didn't want me posting that to the entire world?

Quinn was of my flat mates (that's snob for roommate) in college and has remained a friend to this day (despite his waddling around the house wearing my sheet as a diaper). Due to the miracles of modern technology we're able to project what Quinn Jr. might look like...a chip off the old block I'd say.

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I, too, can neither confirm nor deny this.
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November 04, 2003

Go Girl!
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Culture for the Masses

San Francisco Arts is a great resource for finding out what's going on in The City (try the "what's-coming-up-that's-free" pull-down for a view into why this is one of the great cities). And yes, the URL does make me laugh. Yes, I am [still] that childish. Now leave me alone.

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From the Wires...

La Di Da Di, we like to party. We don't cause trouble, we don't bother nobody (props MrMiley)

After a man wielding a sawed-off shotgun smashed his way into their home Tuesday night, two Carrollwood, Fla., women kept their cool and overpowered the intruder with kindness. (props Summer)

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November 03, 2003

Children of the 80's

This quiz made me smile this morning. Sure, there are lots of comment-driven quiz-shows on other sites but this one's a bit more formalized. How'd you score? (Props Summer)
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November 01, 2003

Kids See the Darndest Things

What do you see when you listen to Radiohead? When I hear Creep, I see Sean and Quinn. They're tapping the letters on a keyboard but not writing anything...

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