February 26, 2004

Funky 'Bone

I don't play the 'bone but I still wish I was this guy.
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February 24, 2004

Witty Spots

Not having cable television makes me miss out on some stuff. Say 500 channels of drivel, infomercials, and insulting "comedies". I do miss seeing witty commercials though. Not that this one has it made it on the air yet...HINT: navigate in the spots/ directory to see the others.
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Better Late Than Never

Make your very own customized chalky nasty candy heart here.
And I'm bookmarking this one for myself for next Valentine's Day.
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Mis-Heard Lyrics

Ever thought you heard one thing but you found out later the song lyrics were something else? Write and tell about it.
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"I was gutted"

That's Bri-ish for pissed off, bummed. As in, "I was gutted when my iPod was stolen."

Written while listening to White Palms from the album "B.R.M.C." by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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Helpful Frog

I'm notorious for killing plants (I've got a deadly thumb?). This little device would be a nice addition to the house. It makes a noise (a ribbit naturally) when soil moisture gets too low. Don't worry, it has a light meter so that it won't croak at night (unlike the clock we have in our office which has a different frog's call as each hour's distinct chime).

Written while listening to Mephisto by Dead Can Dance

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Fleshing Out Ideas

Lots of ideas get fleshed out in a day. Some get flushed, some we move forward with.

"Let's get together and flesh out some ideas."
"Let's not get too caught up on the wireframes, they're not fleshed out yet."

It's a pet peave of mine when people use the term "flush out" interchangeably with it. For the record.

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February 13, 2004


Fire this caption writer.
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The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference is a great place to hear from some super smart people about the way things might look in a few years. O'Reilly, being cool as they are, have made many of the presentation materials available here and here. There's something in here for many of my friends so please do yourself a favor and browse through...you'll be glad you did.
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February 10, 2004

William Hung

William Hung was a contestant on American Idol. He's going to Cal and he's a sweet soul. He's not the greatest entertainer in the world...I take that back...he's totally entertaining. He's just not that polished. Watching him this morning at Summer's desk made me smile. Props to SD for bringing the Hong Kong Ricky Martin into the ariped hizzy.

Written while listening to Rise and Shine from the album "Later that Day" by Lyrics Born

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February 06, 2004


So university for me was mostly a vehicle for finding band mates with whom to spend the hours one was to be studying for exams. So maybe I didn't get "good grades". Maybe I'm not "smart". Maybe I don't use proper "hygiene". At least I probably entertained a few people along the way right? No, not with my music, with my exams.

Written while listening to Ghetto Boogie from the album "Greyboy Mastered the Art" by Greyboy.

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February 03, 2004


Ever been in a picture you wish you hadn't been in? I've got a few sitting around that I've been too shy to share, but this might be just the place. Hey, why don't we all put up a regrettable picture and comment a link to it? Come on, it'll be fun. (First victim, Hesh, volunteered by SuperFly)
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The Crazy Mutha Bugga links us to musicplasma

Written while listening to So Lonely by The Police

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