May 29, 2004

Flabby Trader Joe

You know those jacked up shopping carts you get every once in a while at the supermarket? You know the one--turns to one side, doesn't turn at all, takes all your might just to get it moving from a stand still position. Don't call those carts buggy, call them feature-rich.

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May 28, 2004

Beyond A Shadow

We've talked about DJ Shadow before but I haven't seen the guy in years. Well, Wednesday night was the local premiere of his forthcoming movie, In Tune and On Time and i was lucky enough to be on the guest list. I'd assumed I wouldn't be going because, as you read below I was to be a father to a brand-spanking-new daughter that day. Well, wifey is cool enough to understand that no new baby means this hip-hop-head-in-daddy-clothing can still make it to the flick. Ring, ring Hasan's in (we daddy's need to stick together ya know) and we meet at the Lumiere Theatre in the heart of San Francisco (one of about four hearts Frisco's got). Oh, they changed the theatre to the Embarcaderro? No it up town and $7 later we're at the end of a mondo line. We're on the guest list so I'm not worried about the fact that the wind is turning my face into stretched leather...the view from the base of the Transamaerica Building makes up for that. What I do worry about was the fact that they stopped letting people into the theatre with a line of only abut 20 of us left.

As we stood in disbelief, DJ Shadow walked out to personally apologize to us. I called "Josh" and he turned to look at me. "Who the hell are you", he thought. "Steve's Pizza", I said. "No waaaay! Doooope!" We caught up a bit, he signed a poster that he grabbed from a nearby box ("The least I can do about this ") and we were off to walk to North Beach where two latte's from Greco awaited Hesh and I. On the way we saw Chief Xcel from Blackalicious ("Davis?! No way, right on"). Davis holds a special place in my heart for the connections and memories made there. It oughta hold a place in all hip-hop heads minds as well as some of the best hip-hop around today had its genesis there.

Written while listening to Fevered from the album "Logic Will Break Your Heart" by The Stills

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Panda Golf

May you waste as much time as I did on this. It's only fair.

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We Got Bumped

Pong, yo!

So most of you know that we're waiting for #2 to come out. And by "come out" I mean we had a scheduled C-section. And by "#2" I mean our daughter, hitherto to be referred to in the somewhat less objective Sophie (a working title). So we're scheduled to have this kid on May 26th ("Is 8:30 good for you?") enjoying the predictability that my wife's pelvic geometry brings to the birthing process. Well, it turns out that a lot of people were having babies on May 26th. So many, in fact, that the nurse from L&D (Labor and Delivery for those playing the home version) called us @ 5:50a.m. to give us the news. Mind you, #1 (or "Luc" for the sticklers) was at his grandparents' house so this was a chance for us to have an interrupted morning of sleep, the first in as long as I can remember. Thank you Mrs. Nurse-from-Stanford-Hospital, thank you for not giving us that morning of sleep...and with such terrific news too! ("I'm afraid we have no beds for you. No, I don't know yet when you can be rescheduled. Yes, I realize you're upset. No, I will not stick this phone up my [bleep]."

So we were bumped unceremoniously. No coupon for a free C-section or an upgrade to First Class (think wet nurses from Baywatch for my personal image of what that might look like). A new time of Monday @ 12:30 was given. You can be sure to get the updates here if you're interested. If I am conscious enough I may even post pictures/ movie clips.

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A Great DVD Player Ad

OK, it's the only DVD player ad I can ever recall seeing, but's the best.

Dream Sequence (Intro) from the album Later That Day... by Lyrics Born

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May 27, 2004

How To Care For Your Books

In these extremely digitized times it becomes easy to take books for granted. I had a history teacher in middle school who, when the new textbooks arrived, spent the whole class teaching us how to open them correctly for the first time to ensure they'd provide years of service. At the time I thought Mr. Highpants (as he shall be called for his most distinguishing characteristic...and because I can't remember his name) was a complete nut. In retrospect, he was just keeping it real. God bless your Mr. Highpants.

Written while listening to Ani DiFranco shred on MBE on KCRW.

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Window Seat

Courtesy of BoingBoing comes the discovery of Gregory Dicum's book "Window Seat: Reading the Landscape from the Air". I've done enough traveling (and don't expect to stop anytime soon) that this would be a good buy:
"Broken down by region, this unusual guide features 70 aerial photographs; a fold-out map of North America showing major flight paths; profiles of each region covering its landforms, waterways, and cities; tips on spotting major sights, such as the Northern Lights, the Grand Canyon, and Disney World; tips on spotting not-so-major sights such as prisons, mines, and Interstates; and straightforward, friendly text on cloud shapes, weather patterns, the continent's history, and more."
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May 24, 2004

Speaking of Old Skool

Instead of going to school, Eric was playing on his 'puter, an Amiga to be exact. Eric, honey, didn't you have a final today?!

Written while listening to Last Song On Blue Tape from the album "Son Of Evil Reindeer" by The Reindeer Section

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Old Skool

Pong, yo!
I love the Atari logo t-shirt. Just seeing the logo takes me back to simpler times when high-scores were the motivator. Imagine my delight in finding all of these covers. Memories come rushing.

Written while listening to Spanish Grease from the album "Verve Remixed" by Various Artists

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May 21, 2004

The Color of War

I had a chance to grab dinner and a cigar with my friend Tim last night. Now I knew that he was a product marketing guru and that he knew more about hi-fi gear than any one person oughta. What I didn't know is that he served in a secret location during the Vietnam War and he has the pictures to prove it. The scans are of such a high quality that it creates the eery feeling of their having been taken yesterday and treated with some color filtration. The thick-rimmed glasses are even back in fashion these days...those kids are kooky. Kudos to Tim for preserving such rich memories.
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May 20, 2004

Happy Grads

I can't remember who spoke at my graduation from college but I know s/he wasn't as funny as John Stewart.
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May 19, 2004

I'll Have A Beer, Make It A Root Beer

Thick goggles (props Melissa).
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May 13, 2004

Note To Self...

Come back and buy something for Ariane from here.
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May 11, 2004

Where I'm At

A great panorama of the area immediately outside my office. The strangely-shaped white building is the office where I've spent the last few years building stuff(props to Samrat).
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May 08, 2004

One, Two, Treo

I've been trying out the Treo 600 for the past couple of weeks and have been torn on whether I'm gonna get one for myself. This article gives a good summary of the advantages and disadvantages of an all-in-one device. I'm interested in thoguhts from my esteemed colleagues here.

Written while listening to P.S. by Film School

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May 06, 2004

News You Can Gooze

The Gas We Pass
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All Day I Dream About Sneakers

When I was a kid I convinced my mom to buy me these rad New Balance high-tops (they were cool, I swear) which at the time were exorbitantly priced at $75. My how times have changed. Adidas has produced a $250 shoe wth a microprocessor and a simple user interface (not to mention an instruction manual on an accompanying CD-ROM). In a word, "I really want 1".
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May 04, 2004

We Have A Weiner

Know how to say "hot dog" in Japan? Hotu Dogu. No, really.
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Recognition Feels Good

"If you looked at [] three years ago, they were clunky. The Web site is getting better. It seems to be faster. It's easier to choose things. It's easier to search. They're getting it righter [sic] every day."

Read it all here.

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May 03, 2004

Google's Ticker Symbol?

We've got a decent cohort representing Google that we claim among our readers here. And unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past week you undoubtedly know that they've made official their plans to file for an IPO. Now, having gone through the whole process in the past I must say I'm jaded (I'm rich!! Oh, nevermind) though this Google thing is pretty damn killer. Knowing a few folks that were there pretty early on I can say that, though lofty, their aim of changing the world isn't that crazy...and the Wall Street Journal agrees with me. Any insights in the comments are welcomed...and take a shot at guessing their ticker while you're there:

"But, based on its track record, we give Google's revolution a shot. After all, the company managed to solve the biggest problem vexing the Internet: simply finding stuff. Not lost, hidden documents tucked on a server in Budapest, but ordinary stuff. Remember how much search used to stink? Remember the days where Web-site rankings were dominated by pages with spamlike banks of keywords at the bottom? Remember when a clever page was one that hid its endless repeated keywords in white text on a white background? Remember RealNames, whose business existed principally to sell companies a spot in search results for their own name, because otherwise it might not show up? Google washed all this muck away -- we've never met anybody who didn't adopt Google as their search engine the day they discovered it. (In fact, we once said we'd pay for it.)"

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May 01, 2004


For my friends with late-night tendencies (you know who you are) I give you Lunarama, public directory of all-night restaurants and joints.

Written while listening to Jimmy T from the album "David Axelrod" by David Axelrod

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For the South Park Fans...

It really exists.

Written while listening to How To Be Dead from the album "Germany 1990" by Snow Patrol

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Poop Fiction

I don't know what the big deal is, poop has been the shizzy for as long as I can remember.

Written while listening to Country Gentleman from the album "Primitive" by Ambulance Ltd.

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