August 31, 2004

Just because...

The Sideways Bike...
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Just Do it

Just Do It!
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August 28, 2004

R. Kelly Sex Tape

Don't worry, it's safe for work. Want to see more R Kelly related stuff...checka check it out.
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August 27, 2004


Saba and Tom, Congrats!
My good friend Saba got married last week. I was just remembering her for her warm heart, her great smile and, most importantly, her near-mastery of the English language. It's the idioms that really getcha:

"Let's go there and do the other thing at the same time. That way, we'll kill the bird twice."

Congratulations Saba and Tom. (Thanks for the pic Sean)

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August 26, 2004

Perils of the iPod

I'm willing to live with the occasional inappropriate song at the wrong time; the price one pays for the luxury of having 10,000 songs (OK 7,877 songs) at your fingertips. But what about the benefits of said "randomness":

The iPod "knows somehow when I am reaching the end of my reserves, when my motivation is flagging," Mr. Greist insisted. "It hits me up with 'In Da Club,' and then all of a sudden I am in da club."

Read more here.

Written while jammin' to In Da Club from the album Major Flavours 04 by 50 Cent

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August 25, 2004

Can Fu

It makes me thirsty.

Written while jammin' to Section 11 (A Long Day Continues, We Sound Amazed) from the album Together We Re Heavy by The Polyphonic Spree

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August 23, 2004


Real postage with a personalized picture on it. Wicked cool. Too bad I never send snail mail letters anymore.
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Yet another way to say "I love you".

Written while jammin' to Sonic Adventure Project - Waters In Motion from the album Volumen Once (Vol. 11) by Cafe del Mar (CD Series)

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August 22, 2004

Radical Reference

Don't mess with librarians: “…librarians are more freedom fighters than shushers.”
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August 21, 2004


Try the Top 100 Rock Bands category. I'm a sucker for hangman.

Written while jammin' to Intro from the album Badmeaningood Vol. 3 by Peanut Butter Wolf

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August 17, 2004


..rekonize (Props to Fabulo...keeping it real from Afghanistan...yes, Afghanistan)

Written while jammin' to This Is How We Do It - Mis Teeq from the album Da Soundtrack by Ali G indahouse

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August 16, 2004

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Maybe it's because you're worried about bio-checmical terrorist attacks, natural disasters, kidnappers/ stalkers? Wouldn't you sleep much better if you knew that even if those things violated the permitter of your house, they couldn't actually get to your person? At least, not easily.

Written while jammin' to The Hidden Camera from the album Modus Operandi by Photek

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Rock 'N' Roll Holiday

What could better than spending a week in the Caribbean on a boat with with Journey, REO Speedwagon, and Styx? About 139 billion other things you say? OK, then this is definately not for you. (Be ready to click the audio off unless it gets you moving in your chair)

Written while jammin' to 19`2000 from the album Dance Hits & Remixes by Gorillaz

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August 12, 2004

iPod vs. The Cassette

This in-depth analysis hits home; I've got a briefcase full of tapes from my youth that act as a sort of popcorn trail back to my childhood. It's hard to do the same thing with a trail of AAC files. (Props to SG for the linky)

Written while jammin' to Da Da Da Da from the album Bee Hives by Broken Social Scene

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August 10, 2004

"Are you a culinary adventurer?"

Then try Donbalaan! (Thanks [I think] Suzanne)

Written while jammin' to Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Rubicon from the album DJ-Kicks: Erlend Oye by DJ-Kicks (CD Series)

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August 08, 2004

No More Blaming The Dog

PSA: K9 Flat-U-Scents

Written while jammin' to New Genious (Brother) from the album Gorillaz by Gorillaz

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August 07, 2004


Get the 'puter before he gets you...
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August 05, 2004

Judging Musical Taste

A lot of that going by this gutsy dude. He strikes me as a prime candidate for a correspondent job at The Conan O'Brian show. But then again, many of the artists he derides might be guests on the show. Sadly, the internet may represent the zenith of this guy's fifteen minutes of fame. Too bad, it's pretty funny.

Written while jammin' to Rose Rouge from the album Tourist by St. Germain

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Ideas I Wish I'd Thought Of


Written while jammin' to Section 16 (One Man Show) from the album Together We Re Heavy by The Polyphonic Spree

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Asleep For Thirteen Years

First off, let me give credit where it's due: BuggaSG has been at the forefront of much of the music I eventually opened myself to listen to. He was listening to My Bloody Valentine (MBV) in college...and we all know that was in the days of Spry Mosaic on floppies cuz the campus computers weren't loaded with it yet ("Dude, it's like gopher but with pictures and, like, clickable areas that take you somewhere else. I'll send you an e-mail about you have e-mail?") But I digest. I'm sure I heard MBV's Loveless in the car with Sean and I probably passed it off as the same noise that Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement were producing. After all, if it didn't have the same boom-bap bass snare snap of hip-hop it wasn't catching my attention in those days. I wasn't able to listen past the ambiguous lyrics. The so-so mix made me feel like I had an itch on my back, just out of reach. In short, I found it annoying.

Now that I'm so grown and so much older I can stop listening so carefully and let the music come to me. I had read a ton of reviews for Radiohead's OK Computer before I'd ever listened to it. And to be honest, the first few times I listened to it I was unimpressed. Today I count it as one of my top ten albums. In much the same way, Loveless was presented to me and I rebelled against it (after all, it didn't blow me off my feet on the first listen...therefore it sucks). After listening to Loveless twice so far, I can say I think it's going to creep into my psyche in a big way. How can something so noisy be so pretty? And how can I be moved by lyrics I can't even understand? It doesn't pass the logic test...but then again, I've got enough logic in my life already.

I'm betting there are a ton of albums like that...if I were to give them a chance they might just change me in some small way.

And so, here I am asking you, the readership, to comment on albums that you skipped over initially but have since come back to, now finding them indispensable. I'll give you a few of mine to get you started:

Kitchens of Distinction The Death Of Cool
Dinosaur Jr. Where You Been
Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks
Los Lobos Kiko
Black Star Black Star
Miles Davis Ascenseur pour l'echafaud


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August 03, 2004

Congratulations Pejman and Suzanne!

Pejman + suzanne = married

Written while jammin' to O Caminho from the album Bebel Gilberto by Bebel Gilberto

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