September 30, 2004

Kerry's Top Ten...

As read on the air last night. Please note that this listing does not constitute an endorsement of one candidate over the other. It's just jokes son. It's just that it's really easy to poke fun at W.

Kerry's “Top 10 Bush Tax Proposals” are:
10. No estate tax for families with at least two U.S. presidents.
9. W-2 Form is now Dubya-2 Form.
8. Under the simplified tax code, your refund check goes directly to Halliburton.
7. The reduced earned income tax credit is so unfair, it just makes me want to tear out my lustrous, finely groomed hair.
6. Attorney General (John) Ashcroft gets to write off the entire U.S. Constitution.
5. Texas Rangers can take a business loss for trading Sammy Sosa.
4. Eliminate all income taxes; just ask Teresa (Heinz Kerry) to cover the whole damn thing.
3. Cheney can claim Bush as a dependent.
2. Hundred-dollar penalty if you pronounce it “nuclear” instead of “nucular.”
1. George W. Bush gets a deduction for mortgaging our entire future.

Written while groovin' to She`s Lost Control from the album “Unknown Pleasure” by Joy Division

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September 29, 2004

A Good Read

Especially for anyone who lived through the bubble.
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September 27, 2004

Borat Represent Kazakhstan?

The poor guy was trying to defend Kazakhstan. And it started out that way too. I know you're sick of reading about him but this article is too good not pass along. Thanks to Drew for the linky.

Written while groovin' to Holiday from the album “American Idiot” by Green Day

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September 25, 2004

Reverse Case Mod

You've seen the originals. Well, let's d-d-deconstruct it a bit, shall we?

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September 24, 2004

Lacquer Video

The song is pop-catchy but the video is what's had me mesmerized. Director Michael Gondy time-lapse condenses a coast-to-coast trip from LA to NYC down to four minutes. Hot.
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This is, indeed, Rock N' Roll

Thank you Cleveland!
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I Wish

I wish I didn't find this kind of thing funny. But if you watched it and didn't giggle then you are made of stone. And I wanna hear from you in he comments.
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"There Was No Public Nudity"

"The men have taken down the pole and converted the stage to a pingpong table." (Props LeslieM...this one was the lesser of two evils)

Written while jammin' to Champion from the album Shadows on The Sun by Brother Ali

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Respek, How Ali G Does It

Ever wonder how in the world Ali G gets the guests that he does? Well, wonder no longer. Thanks to MarkT comes the reference to this Slate article on the subject. A snippet:
"While some of Ali G's marks agree to the interviews immediately 
("I popped right away," Donaldson confessed), others take more massaging. 
One person who handles press for a political celebrity featured in the first
U.S. season ("It does not reflect well on my professionalism to have been fooled")
said that he turned down repeated entreaties for an interview. Only when a 
MSNBC producer vouched for "United World Productions" did he finally relent,
to his regret. "We truly left there thinking he was the stupidest person ever," 
he said of Ali G. "I was very contentious.""

Written while jammin' to Things Could Turn Around from the album Ragin', Full-On by fIREHOSE

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September 23, 2004

I Scream

For my own custom flava.
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September 21, 2004

Interesting Backstory

For wannabe geeks like me anyway. Check it.
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Yeah, It's Sophomoric. So?

But getting the local news to broadcast stuff like this gets me every time (hey, I never claimed to be anything but sophomoric). It's not like anyone was hurt or anything, right?

Written while jammin' to Act Nice And Gentle from the album Rubber Factory by The Black Keys

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September 20, 2004

He's Got a Pony Tail

So it's only natural he play guitar. He's no David Hasselhoff though.

Written while jammin' to Guero Canelo from the album A Feast of Wire by Calexico

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The Real Measure of A Candidate

Their e-mail newsletter usability.
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September 19, 2004


I never used Musicmatch much before I was working for a company pondering buying them. It wasn't the first time that we were headed into a new business and thinking of buying out an existing player. But like that first time, the Musicmatch deal was simply too rich for our blood. The next chapter of As The Valley Turns continues on.

Written while jammin' to Innocent World from the album Redemption's Son by Joseph Arthur

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September 14, 2004


I'm headed over the pond at some point in October for work. London and Ireland (and maybe Paris). ANyone have any recommendation for places to stay besides those offered here?

Written while jammin' to Love And War from the album Neighborhood Watch by Dilated Peoples

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September 13, 2004


Gotta try this.

Written while jammin' to Velouria from the album Wave Of Mutilation - The Best Of The Pixies by The Pixies

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Brunei Apparently Means Bling

At least if you believe these pictures of the Brunei Sultan's plane. At walmart we had something exactly the same...but completely different.

Written while jammin' to Homesick from the album Riot On An Empty Street by The Kings of Convenience

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September 10, 2004

To Be Read this Weekend

This NYTimes article about free legal online music downloading...
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What A DIfference Hair Makes

Don't believe me? Look here for proof.

Written while jammin' to OK from the album Village Gorilla Head by Tommy Stinson

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A Bigger Problem Than We'd Imagined?

"Thanks" to Leslie for this one...

Written while jammin' to Gun Shy from the album Folker by Paul Westerberg

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September 09, 2004

Just 'cause...

While sitting at your computer, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it.
Now, while doing this, use the mouse, draw the number "6" on your screen.
Your foot will change direction and there's nothing you can do about it.

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Zip Codes

Ever wonder how zip codes are assigned? I mean, where are the 7's? Or the 6's. Look no further, this slick representation satisfies your curiosity with a great interface that screams about the author: "I wanna work for the iTunes Music Store".

Written while jammin' to Organ Donor from the album Endtroducing..... by DJ Shadow

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September 02, 2004

Bad news...


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