October 24, 2004

Addiction The New Mother Of Invention

It's impressive to see what great lengths people will go to disguise or hide their stash. I often wonder what a world we'd live in if the collective energies focused oneself were instead directed outwardly, towards others in acts of selflessness. I have a dream.

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October 23, 2004

New Camera

I finally broke down and bought a new camera. Size was important as I plan on keeping it in my pocket for special occasions. More on this next week.

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October 22, 2004

Valuable Debate

Finally, a debate I can get into. Mad skillz are put to the test...[ahem] yo.

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If you're like me then you're fascinated by small-sized items; items that normally find themselves on the shelves of stores in larger or, in the case of COSTCO shelves, gargantuan size. Even if you're not as fascinated as I am then you might have a real-world use for miniature-sized shampoo, toothpaste, or Tylenol. Remember when packing for a trip: lay out everything you think you'll need then cut it exactly in half. I promise, it works every time. You'll be glad you did.

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October 21, 2004

Funniest THing This Week

And it comes courtesy of Shastri...

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October 20, 2004

Congrats Suzanne

My dear friend Suzanne is a brilliant scientist though her humility wouldn't lead you to believe it. How do I know? Well, she was accepted to medical school last year but said “No thanks, I'm gonna get married first”. OK, maybe this would be a bigger deal if you had, like me, not gotten into medical school even though you thought you wanted to. As if that wasn't proof enough of her brilliance, how does second author on a paper whose title alone makes my head hurt sound?

Written while groovin' to It's Like That Feat. Carl Thom from the album “The Grind Date” by De La Soul

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October 19, 2004

Erik Hagerman, Political Soldier

My homie Erik Hagerman has left the comforts of walmart.com and the other thing he did afterwards with Marc Andreessen (it's all secret and what not, don't ask) and has sent his first dispatch from the front lines. I publish it here for your education and entertainment.

Written while groovin' to Wish The World Away from the album “San Francisco” by American Music Club

Howdy friends and family,

Welcome to the first of what will probably be several notes from the
front lines of the political fray, all the way from our nation's heartland,
Las Vegas.

Caveat: What follows is material of a partisan political nature. If
you're a Bush/Cheney dude/dudette, you may wanna move on to the next email in
your inbox--Which is no doubt some windfall tax break for the oil company
you own or a gigantic dividend check from Halliburton or an update on all the
low-down-dirty-underhanded things that the secretaries of state in Ohio or
Florida are doing to prevent decent patriotic Americans from exercising their right to vote.

All right, on with the show: Even though I've been out here on the
hustings (On the hustings? In the hustings? And what in the Sam Hill is a
husting anyway? Anyone? Bueller?) for only about 3 days now, a few big things
are becoming apparent:

1. Eight hours is a long time to drive across the desert, especially
with your heat on full blast. As many of you know, after a comprehensive
research effort, I recently anointed the proud successor to the long-suffering but stalwart
Erikmobile, which was brought to an untimely end several months ago by a souped-up
Civic from San Leandro recklessly running through a red light. Although rich
in character, history and mileage, my new car(aka The Sweet Ride) is not
exactly...well...new. In fact, it's almost 20years old. Like many of us,
it's developed some idiosyncracies in its advancing years, one of which,
apparently, is an inclination to overheat, which I didn't even know about
until I set out for Vegas on Thursday, because until then I had never taken
The Sweet Ride more than an hour outside of the therapeutic chill of
San Francisco. Fortunately for both myself and The Sweet Ride, I remembered
that turning off your air conditioning (with which, improbably, The Sweet
Ride is equipped) and turning on the heat full blast can help prevent
overheating. The bad news is that I had to continue applying this technique for
nearly eight hours. Just for the record, I consider the entire experience to
have been very character-building.

OK, now on to the other major themes:

2. This is going to be a very (VERY) close Presidential race
The advantage goes back and forth on an almost daily basis, depending
on who's conducting the poll, who's surveyed, the size of sample, etc.,
etc. The results of four different polls were published today--Three of them
have Bush leading (from 4 to 8 percentage points, not far from their margin
of error), the fourth has the two candidates locked in a dead heat--45%

3. Time is short
Only 16 days left til election day. Or maybe it's 15 days. Or 14. Math
was never my strong suit. The point is, there ain't much time left.

4. You still can have an impact on this election
There are bazillions of ways you can jump into the fray yourself--even
if you live in a 'safe' state like California--and even if you're so
overextended with work or family or staying on top of the ever-shifting
sands of reality TV shows that you don't have time to leave the comfort
of your home/apt and drive across the Mojave desert to the nearest swing
state with the heat on full blast.

“But Erik” you ask “How can I help? I am but one meager person. And I
don't have any political experience. And I've got other stuff to do--Like
working. And caring for my family. And watching reality TV shows.”

I'm glad you asked. As a small service to you, our country and the
world as a whole, I've taken the liberty of preparing a comprehensive guide to
how regular people JUST LIKE YOU can still GET INTO THE GAME and have an
impact on this seriously major league super duper important election, EVEN IF

So I give you:
The Regular Person's Guide to Getting into the Game and Having an
Impact on this Seriously Major League Super Duper Important Election:

A. Find a political/grassroots-organizing group that floats your
political boat:
If you're an intelligent, considerate, more-or-less-decent person who
loves your Mom, small children and this magnificent country of ours, then
you'll probably find a pretty good fit at one of the three groups below:




(If you're an unintelligent, selfish and mean person who dislikes your
parents, small children and this magnificent country of ours, you'll
probably need to find some other group to support. I'm sure these
exist, but I'm afraid I don't know how to contact them).

B. Take the organization from (A), and call or email them to volunteer
some of your time
Given how few days are left before the election, time is probably the
most critical resource right now. Regardless of how much time you can
spare--whether it's an hour or two a week or 10-20 hours a week, all
the groups above should be able to find stuff you can do to help.

C. If you can't donate your time, donate your money
Money is always good--for last-minute ad blitzes, leasing additional
phone lines and internet connections, etc., etc. Amount is less important
than just making a contribution. Every little bit helps.

D. If you can't donate your time or money, (and even if you can), think
of at least TWO people you know who might want to get in the game
themselves and might be willing to donate their own time and/or money and CONTACT
THEM TODAY. Right now might be a good time. As long as we're all gonna be
without flu shots this winter, no reason we shouldn't get the viral thing
working in our favor as well.

OK, enough proselytizing--back to the fray. More later--

Your man in Vegas,


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October 18, 2004

Time Waster

It's like the old skool Speak & Spell but with natural sounding voices. Mark my words, I will sample some kooky phrases to make an electronic song with this tool.

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And they prolly think

And they prolly think we're weird so there you go.

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October 15, 2004

Et tu Carl?

Does he really need his own site? No.

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Wal-Mart Does Good

I'd like to give kudos to Wal-Mart for letting the record companies have it. As an aside, Gary Severson, quoted in the article, is someone I consider a friend. A good guy who, when he heard I was headed to Apple, said “Hey, tell Steve to let sell the iPods wouldja?”. Eell, thanks to HP, you've got 'em Gary.

Written while groovin' to Sanity Requiem from the album “The Message At The Depth” by DJ Krush

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October 14, 2004

Music to Ears


So iPods are selling well...they're hot.

Written while groovin' to Shoot To Thrill from the album “Back In Black” by AC/DC

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October 11, 2004

Would Like Water With That Foot?

Or, Why Football (Soccer) Is Not Called The Gentleman's Sport.

Written while groovin' to Dirty Man from the album “The Soul Sessions” by Joss Stone

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What was your favorite halloween costume ever? Look to these for inspiration. Please note the commenting system has some SPAM checks now so your comments may take a li'l bit to appear. Don't be alarmed.

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October 07, 2004

Note To Self

Check this place in San Francisco out.

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In Paris

And it turns out it's Fashion Week. Which would be cool if one were into models and stuff.

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October 06, 2004

Japanese Ingenuity

I may be headed to japan in December. Business? No, to check out the latest in discretion technology. (Thanks Gil)

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October 05, 2004


So I'm here in London, loving the hotel and loving being in Europe again. It's off to Paris on Thursday. Hey, did you see the debate last week? No need to watch the whole thing but please do catch the Daily Shows coverage.

Written while groovin' to Could Well Be In from the album “A Grand Don`t Come For Free” by The Streets

Think I oughta be listening to something else? Got an idea for the soundtrack of my trip? Aiiight, tell me about it in the comments.

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