December 29, 2004

Bit by Bit

BitTorrent is a fascinating piece of software that has movie studios shivering in their Armanis. A worthwhile story in Wired this month tells of it's author and his mild autism:
"Cohen in fact has Asperger's syndrome, a condition on the mild end of the autism spectrum that gives him almost superhuman powers of concentration but can make it difficult for him to relate to other people."
The references to his revelation coding is a bit much for me but 40 million people are believers so there you have it. Ironically, he doesn't get high off his own supply:
'The one person who hasn't joined the plundering is Cohen himself. He says he has never downloaded a single pirated file using BitTorrent. Why? He suspects the MPAA would love to make a legal example of him, and he doesn't want to give them an opening. He's the perfect candidate for downloading, though, since he doesn't care if he sees TV live, doesn't subscribe to basic cable, and already sits at a computer all day long. The only shows he watches are those he buys on DVD. He particularly loved the first season of Paris Hilton's The Simple Life. "You can watch that show for six hours," Cohen says, "and your brain is still empty."'
Word. I was listening to: Man vs. Ape by Eyedea & Abilities when I wrote this
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December 27, 2004

Should Libraries Serve Coffee?

This type of thing keeps me up at night.
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Asia Tragedy

If you'd like to make a donation: Oxfam.
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December 23, 2004

L'empire du Cirque

Cirque du Soleil has been a family favorite for some time now. The combination of acrobatics, mysticism, and live music gets us every time. It's no surprise to find out there's a very deliberate formula that gained Guy Laliberté (it's his real name, honest) the success he now enjoys:
"Laliberté early on devised the formula that would launch his quirky circus into international prominence: Promote the show and not the more easily replaced performers; eliminate spoken dialogue so that the productions appeal to diverse audiences; and most important, cut out expensive and controversial animal acts. "I'd rather feed three acrobats than one elephant," he said at the time."
Oh and Suzanne, you've prolly already heard about this [n] times since it appeared in Business Week so forgive the repetition.
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The Oprah Effect

While I was Oprah did a show where she re-furnished a house shopping exclusively at Wal-mart and The spike in traffic to the site the day of the show (and the day of the re-run months later) came to be known internally as the Oprah Effect. Well, the other Oprah Effect has to do with the talk show host's ability to make or break a new book title.
"Oprah's recommendations had a bigger impact on the sales of books than anything we have previously seen in literature, or seen since"
I was listening to: Poor Righteous Teachers - Gods by DJ Premier when I wrote this
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Go Eggs!

Eggs are nice. I like 'em. I wouldn't say i love them. Some are more nuts about 'em than others though. Currently playing in iTunes: Ghostface - Wildflower by DJ Premier
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December 22, 2004


I've never been a big fan of swimming. Svelte guys like me don't have the insulation required to stand the cold water. And the idea of going back and forth in the lane has never appealed to me either. I mean, there's not even any music to listen to in there for goodness sake! With the advent of the SwiMP3 I may give lap swimming another chance. Currently playing in iTunes: Left Of The Dial by The Replacements
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December 20, 2004

Ultimate Form of Flattery

The "Apple Store". (Props Drew)
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December 19, 2004


I'm trying out far so good but we'll see. Ecto is my tool of choice currently.

Currently playing in iTunes: Elsa Hedberg - Open The Door by Saint Germain (CD Series)

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December 15, 2004

Google Reads (or scans...a lot)

You've probably already heard the news that Google's gonna index a whole bunch of print books. The future is here and it's literary baby! What's most interesting to me about this is the fact that Google's relationships are non-exclusive. That means that other folks that wanna use the work that Google does to get the books scanned are free to do so. Cool. Also cool:

“Google officials say the books it will be scanning from its partnering libraries will be integrated into its overall search engine. But it won't run advertising or try to market books when it directs users to the text of the book or to places where users can buy it.”

Do no evil indeed.

Written while groovin' to 808 State - Pacific from the album “Carl Cox” by Back to Mine (CD Series)

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December 14, 2004

How to PIss Off Canadians

Or “Why Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson are No Longer My Friends”. [insert wry commentary about state of Western media here].

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Especially for Sean

Cuz he's a lover of copy machines.

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Science Helping People

Well, helping me at least. Hey PJ, can you find out more about this?

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December 07, 2004

Good CD. Written while

Good CD.

Written while groovin' to Just Kissed My Baby from the album “DJ Kicks - Daddy G” by The Meters

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December 05, 2004

Note To Self

Read this

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December 03, 2004

This Is Your Brain On Music

Check it.

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We all Pod

I've been in the precarious position of working at places where I couldn't talk very openly about the products my team is working on or the success our businesses is seeing. Of course this is difficult for a blabbermouth like m but I've learned to control my impulses. When industry data comes out though, there's nothing wrong with proving links for the readership here. And that's just what I'm gonna do here. “iPod” was the most searched-for term on Black Friday according to a few different significant websites. Oh and to quote my favorite line from the above article:

“Offline, the holiday retail story isn’t quite so jolly.”

Written while groovin' to Lost My Mind from the album “100 Percent Fun” by Matthew Sweet

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December 02, 2004

Joke o' the Day

Two celebrities sit next to each other on a plane:
“Hi, my name is Bond, James Bond.. says one.
The other replies, ”Hi, my name is Damme,
Van Damme,
Claude Van Damme,
Jean-Claude Van Damme...“

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The last thing the world needs is a faking-pre-pubescance boy band...unless that band is from Iraq. Listen and see what purifying effect an oppressive regime has on the creative spirits of Nadee, Hassa, Shant, Akhlad, and “Art”. Art...riiiiiight.

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December 01, 2004

Geeky Holiday

And it's useful too. The Perl advent calendar.

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