April 29, 2005

Physical Tetris

As the B3ta newsletter said, I can't wait for Donkey Kong with real monkeys: Tetris Power.

Written while groovin' to A Good Man Is Hard To Find from the album “Seven Swans” by Sufjan Stevens

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April 28, 2005

Old Mixtapes

This one scratches me right where I itch...old skool mixtapes from the 80's. This is the real deal folks, I literally teared up listening to some of this stuff. BuggaSG check it.

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Tiger [Almost} Unleashed


Walter S. Mossberg is often called a curmudgeon when it comes to technology but he has trouble containing his enthusiasm for Tiger. I know why. You're gonna like it, you're gonna like it a lot.

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April 25, 2005

Guess The Google

Guess the Google keyword that produced a set of images...pretty simple, pretty addictive.

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Netflix is hiring

Those of you who have been lurking around here for a while know that the DVD Rentals business is near and dear to my heart. I have some friends that ended up @ Netflix and one of them just wrote to let me know about a pretty cool sounding position for any movie nuts out there. If you're interested drop me a note and I'll hand deliver it...

Job Description: Movie Categorization Specialist / Genre Guru

“An absolute passion for movies and entertainment, extensive familiarity with the Web, and a nearly photographic memory for facts
and trivia. Do you consider yourself a walking, talking IMDB? If so, you're on the right track (if you don't know what the IMDB is without looking it up, please do not apply for this position).”

Written while groovin' to Rodopiou from the album “Latin Playground” by Various Artists

Job Description: Movie Categorization Specialist / Genre Guru

Los Gatos, CA-based Netflix, the world's largest online DVD rental
service -- offering more than 3 million members access to more than
40,000 titles -- seeks an intelligent, detail-oriented, self-
starting movie/Web expert to join our site content team.

The Movie Categorization Specialist's primary responsibility will be
to passionately own our genre and collection classifications and the
categorization of all titles into our genre navigation. They will
work quickly and independently to improve and expand upon our
existing categorization system, with the goal of increased
granularity and relevance. The Specialist will also contribute to
all categorization-related editorial projects and will need to
become intimately familiar with Netflix's complete title catalog.
We're looking for someone who will take a high level of pride and
ownership in the site and our content as it affects our customers.
Must be extremely detail-oriented, but also able to think outside
the box. Reports to Manager of Site Content Production.


* An absolute passion for movies and entertainment, extensive
familiarity with the Web, and a nearly photographic memory for facts
and trivia. Do you consider yourself a walking, talking IMDB? If so,
you're on the right track (if you don't know what the IMDB is
without looking it up, please do not apply for this position).

* 5-10 years' professional experience, preferably in a Web/tech
environment. Previous positions in category management, search
engine management, or product management a BIG plus.

* Familiarity with Web UI and use of proprietary content tools.

* Must work well in a collaborative environment and be highly detail-
oriented, flexible, self-motivated and able to do the same task for
a significant amount of time.

* Must be able to work well under regular deadline pressure in a
constantly evolving environment.

* Must have strong judgment and analytical skills; this person will
be responsible for making significant site decisions, and will need
to be able to explain those decisions -- as well as react gracefully
when other factors affect them.

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Truth is More Hard-Core Than Fiction

“N***as ain’t shoot my whip up, they did set me up,” he said. “I'm still in the hood and got a scope on all these jealous bitch a** n***s in my ‘hood that ain’t happy for me. [They] wanna eat try [to set me up] again - I will feed them.”

This is the thanks that Sha Money XL gets for trying to keeping it real?

Written while groovin' to Hate It Or Love It from the album “The Documentary” by The Game

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April 19, 2005

Sony PSP

So every few months my buddy Tim and I get together for Cuban food followed by a Cuban (ok...Honduran) smoke. Inevitably the topic of conversation moves in the tech toys direction. Because of Tim's proclivity for said toys intersected with his consulting gigs at companies that make them (e.g. Handspring) I've been lucky enough to get schooled in the Handheld Electronics Arts by what I consider to be an expert in the field (Tim, time to update the blog and get AdWords up and running). A couple of weeks ago Tim and I were on again for dinner/tobacco and he came wielding his brand-spanking new Sony PSP.

It glistened as he pulled it from it's black case. The waitress stopped in mid-order taking to gawk at it (“My boyfriend is gonna be so jealous!”). I played around with it for a bit and came to the conclusion that it's not got gonna be the hit that Sony was hoping it would be. Not that it's not well made and all that but it's not a mass consumer item. It doesn't feel right. I do see it gaining significant traction in the geek underground...you know, the subterranean pit where computer scientists and ISP hackers get together to talk about how they mod-ed their device to start the coffee maker remotely. The thing does come with wireless access built in and that's fun. But you know what? My cell phone is wireless too. And so is my iPod. Za-zing!

None the less thanks to Tim for letting me check out the PSP before it even had it's first scratch on it...how 'bout that blog?

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April 14, 2005

Bad Joke of the Day

I need something to cheer me up today. This didn't help a lot:

David Hasselhoff walks into a bar and says to
the barman, “I want you to call me David Hoff”.

The barman replies “Sure thing Dave... no hassle.”

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April 13, 2005


You remember when you'd be sitting in a huge lecture hall (like Chem 194) and one of your classmates would suddenly jump up on his chair in the middle of the lecture and break into song? You remember that? That was rad.

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The crazy markets...

Explain this one to me:

“Advanced Micro Devices Inc. swung to a loss in the recent quarter as revenue declined slightly with weakness in flash memory sales, and warned of soft processor sales in the current quarter. In after hours trading, AMD gained 39 cents to $17.45.”

And then...

“Apple Computer Inc. said its profit surged more than sixfold in the latest quarter as revenue jumped 70% amid continued strong demand for its popular iPod digital music players.

The Cupertino, Calif., maker of Macintosh computers and iPod players posted net income of $290 million, or 34 cents a share, for its fiscal second quarter ended March 26, compared with $46 million, or a split-adjusted six cents a share, in the same period last year.

Revenue was $3.24 billion, including about $1.01 billion in iPod sales. In the year-earlier period, revenue was $1.91 billion, including $264 million in iPod sales. Analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call pegged Apple's earnings at 24 cents a share with revenue of $3.21 billion. Apple shares lost $1.62, or 3.8%, to $41.04 at 4 p.m. on the Nasdaq Stock Market. In after hours trading, the stock fell to $40.74.”

Written while groovin' to That's The Way Jah Planned It from the album “Live-Milan_Italy-06-27” by Bob Marley & The Wailers

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April 12, 2005

A Tiger is about to roar

Friends that have been asking about Tiger's release date have had to endure the corporate speak that is my lot these days. Well, it's with great pleasure that I tell you it's official. April 29t is gonna be the day it's released. This might seem overtly commercial for a blog like this one but I gotta say that I've had the pleasure of working with Tiger and seeing what it can do and it's pretty incredible. Spotlight alone would be worth the upgrade but the other goodies (Dashboard!) make the anticipation that's led up to this justified.

So ya thinking of switching?

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April 11, 2005


I'm trying something out here. Humor me. Did you know that Yahoo! sells domain name registrations? It's true. Check it out.

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Don't Smoke

You probably won't see this anti-smoking spot on the air anytime soon but it won't be for it's lack of effectiveness in making a point.

Written while groovin' to 0078h from the album “Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts” by M83

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Music Videos

Hey, remember music videos? Those are the things that MTV used to show when they started. If you're feeling nostalgic then head over here. (WARNING: some readers are reporting NSFW stuff appearing after clicking on the link.)

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What did you think they were talking about?

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April 06, 2005

Sad Factoid

“The average American spent more on lotteries in 2002 than on reading materials or movies...”
CNN / MONEY 3.18.05

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For everything there's an [ahem] hack:

Malaysia car thieves steal finger

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Google Maps Part Deeyuh(x)

Google has quietly released Satellite Maps to the mix. This explains their acquisition of Keyhole a while back. DK from my team created the following virtual sightseeing tour to give y'all a taste of what these maps are like...

Map 1, Map 2, Map 3, Map 4, Map 5, Map 6, Map 7, Map 8

UPDATE: This idea is catching on: Google Sightseeing

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April 05, 2005


Daemon-Phk Bloods1

I'm wise enough not to wear all blue or all red in South Central Los Angeles; both sure [ahem] fire ways to get you unwanted attention. I gotta say, though, that I'm glad I didn't wear any of my FreeBSD paraphernalia while traveling for my former employer in America's heartland. Stories like this one confirm for me one fact: there are two Americas:

“Hmm. Interesting. See, we was just wondering why it is you have the lord of darkness on your chest there.”

I was this close to slapping one of them and causing a scene--then I stopped and noticed the T-shirt I happened to be wearing that day. Sure enough, it had a picture of a small, devilish looking creature that has for quite some time now been associated with a certain operating system. In this particular representation, the creature was wearing sneakers.

They continued: “See, ma'am, we don't exactly appreciate it when people show off pictures of the devil. Especially when he's lookin' so friendly.”

Written while groovin' to Apple Candy from the album “Awake Is The New Sleep” by Ben Lee

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April 04, 2005

Poorly-named products

I mean I know they're older now and what not, but really now.

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If this 70's re-make of the Bongo Band's Apache doesn't make you smile then cringe then you're dead, or in jail.

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Trophy Hunting

From one of my weekly newsletters:

>> Shooting pains <<

The world of the trophy hunter

Matthew J Hogan has just been appointed by the
Bush Government as director of the Fish and
Wildlife Service. Interestingly, Hogan was the
lobbyist for Safari Club International - an elite
club of exotic animal trophy hunters, as well
as a keen exotic hunter himself.

SCI has 40,000 members, and promotes global
competitive trophy hunting, with Grand Slam
and Inner Circle competitions. These include
Africa Big Five (leopard, elephant, lion, rhino,
buffalo), North American Twenty Nine (one of
each species of bear, bison, sheep, moose,
caribou, and deer), Big Cats of the World and
Antlered Game of the Americas. To complete all
29 awards, a hunter must kill 322 separate
species. Enough to populate a large zoo.

(FYI: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, is the
agency charged with granting or denying such
trophy import permits.)

Written while groovin' to Alex Gopher - The Child

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