September 30, 2005

Hey Man...

It's called the world wide web, not the United States web ya big meanies. Most interesting snippets:

“We've been very, very clear throughout the process that there are certain things we can agree to and certain things we can't agree to,” Gross said. “It's not a negotiating issue, this is a matter of national policy.”

“In 1998, the U.S. Commerce Department selected ICANN, a private organization with international board members, to decide what goes on those lists. Commerce kept veto power, but indicated it would let go once ICANN met a number of conditions.

But earlier this year, the United States indicated Commerce would keep that control, regardless of whether and when those conditions were met.”

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September 29, 2005


Wanna know why Microsoft should be scared. Wanna now why you should short their stock? Writely.

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Soy Tastes Bad?

Everyone knows that meat tastes better than soy. Truth be told I've been caught scarfing down some great food only to be told after the fact that what I'd thought was ground chicken was actually tofu. Would I not have enjoyed the meal less had I known it contained soy products? Maybe.

Written while groovin' to Every Time [A Man Called Adam Balearic Remix] from the album “Hotel Costes, Vol. 3: Etage 3” by Lustral

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Heck of a job, Brownie

Headline ripped from GMSV. It seems that being head of the Nat'l Arabian Horse Association isn't the best prep for managing the nation's emergency management.

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moby's swanky table

Thanks to Carter, I just got a few more pictures from moby's house in upstate New York. The table pictured above came from a failed dotcom in NYC. Apparently they gave moby a quote of $50,000 the first time he looked at it. He ended up buying it for $4000.

Written while groovin' to Skull & Crossbones from the album “Both Sides Of The Brain” by Del tha Funkee Homosapien

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September 27, 2005


What does your zip code look like?

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Litigation attorneys

Litigation attorneys make a lot of money. I think out of all lawyers they make the most per hour. Literally something like $900/hour. Or wait, was that the lawyer my other buddy was telling me about; the one that helps arrange meetings with record company CEO's. You gotta pay to play baby, and lawyers get paid.

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Forgive me for claiming any position on the indie music alter, I humbly yield that crown to the CrazyMuthaBugga. I did want to write a short note about the new Death Cab For Cutie album, Plans. It's their major-label debut and it sounds like it. Stereo spreads and compressor settings that are a little more, well, compressed than previous recordings make this one more accessible for the masses. Nick Sylvester from The Village Voice captures it well when he says:

'Don't call it a sellout—call it willful co-optation. “Death Cab is almost like a password for people willing to go outside the mainstream to connect with music,” Josh Schwartz, creator of The O.C., told Spin. “You feel like 'I love listening to their music, and I wish I was friends with them.'” Like Bright Eyes, Death Cab embody that nebulous but increasingly more marketable “indie sound”—music that's supposedly more human-authentic because a human being made it, not a corporation, more worthwhile because commercial-radio fare is disposable by definition. Even if those claims were true, Death Cab's music wouldn't necessarily be more interesting, nor would Gibbard's “I cannot pretend that I felt any regret/Because each broken heart will eventually mend” be any less hokey. Death Cab are full-grown men trapped in indie-rock bodies; at least the emo-punk kids have the heart to halve their hearts.'

That describes a few friends of mine pretty well...full-grown men trapped in indie-rock bodies.

Written while groovin' to Summer Skin from the album “Plans” by Death Cab For Cutie

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Marissa Mayer

Many of you have heard my Google interview story (Synopsis: five rounds culminating in a meeting with founder Larry Page where he asked me about mapping. Mapping! I worked at a freaking mapping company for four years!). In the end they didn't make me an offer (because I didn't have a Ph.D. in Computer Science) and the experience soured me a bit on Google's “process”. But the stock price doesn't lie right? I have friends there that are having a blast and love it so that's good. I'm glad I didn't end up there (yeah I didn't wanna work at your dumb multibillion dollar start-up anyway!) because it set me up nicely for my current gig. Anyways, my introduction to Google was through Marissa Mayer who would have been my boss (and a darned good one if you believe this article). If you subscribe to BWeek then you'll see her picture big and spread across two pages--such glamour. Geeks are cool.

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September 23, 2005

Pinch Me -- Is That a Wal-Mart?

I missed this article when it first appeared but I am now excited to point you to it. My friend, Lisa Waltuch, is the Director of Trend for Wal-Mart. In and of itself that's pretty interesting. However, layer on top of that the fact that she's got an office in New York City...(furnished--at least partially--by Design Within Reach no less) and you see that this isn't your father's Wal-Mart anymore. Read on: Pinch Me -- Is That a Wal-Mart?

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September 22, 2005


Ya think you're pretty good at table tennis? Think again.

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September 21, 2005


I'm interested in all things's my job after all. This dude stuck blank comic dialogue bubble stickers all over NYC and went back to take pictures of the things people had written in them. Very smart, very interesting. Community art/protest/dialogue. Werd.

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The best music you never heard...courtesy of this weirdly-named site.

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September 20, 2005


48% increase in Windows viruses in six months
74% of the top 50 malicious code samples steals confidential information
80% of the top ten adware programs install themselves via browsers 50% of
top ten adware programs hijack browsers
61% of all e-mail is spam
51% of all spam originates in the US

Written while groovin' to The Mask [feat. Ghostface] from the album “The Mouse & The Mask” by DANGERDOOM (it's goooooooood)

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September 18, 2005


From the iconculture newsletter: “2002, the average low-income American spent about $750, or 8% of his or her annual $9,000 income, on gas. In 2005, gas will eat up about $1,000, or 11% of that person's yearly income. (The average American spends 4.2% of annual income on gas.)”

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September 13, 2005


That's the sound my coins make before they're converted into Amazon bucks. So that's why I've been procrastinating in cashing in the overflowing change bucket next to the sink.

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September 09, 2005

Clueless? Or Just Sophomoric?

Leading “food” brand Nabisco has got to be kidding?Look at the name of this game! Either that or they never watched MTV in the 90's.

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Mr. Bling

Now that we're selling Nano's (no I can't tell you how many!) I'm thinking about getting soem platinum caps for my teeth (Yeahhhh! Whhhhhaaaat!). But who does one call for such a service. Why, Mr. Bling of course.

Written while groovin' to Who's Got Rythem from the album “Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster” by Gerry Mulligan & Ben Webster

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September 08, 2005


It's been a busy week. A baby has been born...his name is Harry Potter. You can buy the digital audiobook box set on iTunes and you can get a Collector's Edition iPod with the Hogwart's logo on the back from the online Apple Store. I love it, nobody else is doing deals like this.

Written while groovin' to Crack Music (Feat. The Game) from the album “Late Registration” by Kanye West

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September 03, 2005

IVR Hell

Ever been caught in the hell that is a bad IVR when all you need is a human to take care of what it is you need lickety split? Be caught no more.

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