December 31, 2005

Wow, This Milk Smells Really Bad

This milk smells really, smell it. For those that are worried about something bad happening after the click, don't worry, it's just Mr. T wearing short shorts and rapping about treating your mother right. This milk really does smell quite bad though.

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December 29, 2005

Amazon Does Tags...Do You?

The Tagging Hall of Shame: Amazon by Jennifer Golbeck -- Tagging can be really useful, but some applications just don't get it. Here, I discuss why's new shared tagging features is an example of where it goes wrong.

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December 28, 2005


Like Keanu Reeves said in The Matrix, this store clerk knows kung-fu. And it might have just saved his life (or a few hundred bucks from the cash register at least). Precious, you had me at es-stop. (Props SG and the MovClan from Seattle).

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December 23, 2005

Three Quotes

Three quotes heard in conversation over last day by big players in the music space:

“There is no mainstream. It's all niche.”
“There's more excitement in Google than there is in most of today's best selling records.”
“I don't like sleeping, it's a waste of time.”

To the third one came the reply (not by me thankfully): “Yeah, but you'll die earlier and all that saved time won't be redeemed.”

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Music as Weapon

I know you've probably read about music being used as a way to taunt enemies of the USA. In the first Gulf War there were reports of Guns & Roses being blasted to annoy the enemy. This led to lots of contests for the “worst”(best) terror songs of all time. That's fun. I mean, it's not like it's actually torture, right? Well, this article makes a sound argument that torture is torture no matter what form it takes.


Sounding brass in front of your enemy has always been a part of war, from Joshua's trumpets tumbling walls in the Bible to a mean fife and drum ringing out “Rule Britannia” across the Plains of Abraham. When American forces invaded Panama in 1989, Manuel Noriega fled to the papal nunciature, and American forces roared Twisted Sister's “We're Not Gonna Take It,” and songs with the word “jungle” in the lyrics in front of His Holiness's house. During the siege of Falluja in April 2004, American soldiers cranked the volume on their AC/DC. Their preferred song? “Shoot to Thrill.”


Written while groovin' to One Evening from the album “Let It Die” by Feist

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December 22, 2005

Beyond Impressive

Kid Beyond uses a laptop, a midi/audio firewire interface, Ableton Live software, and a midi foot controller to create an impressive sound that's rich and original. (Props KC)

Written while groovin' to Electricityscape from the album “First Impressions Of Earth (Advance)” by The Strokes

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December 21, 2005

Mugger Bugger

File under poetic justice:

“Tigers killed a South African mugger after he fled the scene of his crime and took refuge in what turned out to be their enclosure at a nearby zoo, police said.
The incident took place Sunday in Bloemfontein, about 230 miles south of Johannesburg.
Police said the mauled man robbed a couple at knifepoint before he jumped a fence and found himself in the enclosure with two tigers.”
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December 20, 2005

The Squirm Factor

Have you felt uneasy about someone doing something for you? Add ethnicity to the mix and it appears this uneasiness can be amplified:


“We've been talking about a nanny,” says Lolo Florentino Arévalo. He and his wife, Marita, live in Kent with their 6-year-old daughter, Julia.

The couple are building their financial services business and, if things go as planned, could soon have an annual income topping $200,000.

On one level, the thought of hiring a nanny, specifically a Latina, is exciting. They want their daughter to grow up with the language and customs of their own heritage. Both parents have grandparents from Mexico. And employing a Latina would feel like they're helping one of their own, they say.

But, “I'd worry about the class issue and about looking elitist,” says Lolo Arévalo, who grew up in Grandview, in the Yakima Valley, and was the first person in his family to go to college. He studied public administration at the University of Washington.

He tells a story about a time he hired a Latino man to do some landscaping. He initially felt good about the prospect, figuring the man employed his own crew. “I thought I was helping them out.”

But then as he sat in his living room, his friend looked outside the window and asked, Do you know who's doing the work?

“The man, along with his wife and kids, were mowing the lawn,” Arévalo recalls. “And I was so uneasy. It felt a little weird.”


Written while groovin' to The Story of Us from the album “The Loneliest Punk” by Fatlip

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December 19, 2005

Powers of Ten Video...and another

Quick poll: who saw this as a kid?
And was this shown this past Saturday night? It's great.

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RIP Internet Explorer for Mac

Well, it's official. Microsoft is dropping support for IE on Mac (what did support ever mean?). And not a moment too soon. It's been a long slow painful death that has caused pain for web developers everywhere. Would all please just switch to Firefox or some other standards-based browser already? You don't know how much more efficient you'd make so many people.

Written while groovin' to Good Time Boys from the album “Mother's Milk” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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December 16, 2005


The i'Prez' waxes philosophical about his portable music device. (Tx QBobs)
UPDATE: Omid wanted to see the video so here you go.

Written while groovin' to What Became Of The Likely Lads from the album “The Libertines” by Libertines

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December 14, 2005

Photos from the 30's and 40's

The Library of Congress (increasingly moving towards the “getting-it” end of the spectrum) has made available some lovely color photos from America in the 30's and 40's. They go well with harp and violin music.

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December 13, 2005

Borat's Arms Race

I bet you didn't know that the .kz domain was so contentious. Well, it is if you're hosting a site on it that sarcastically responds to legal threats from that same country:

“He can go and do whatever he wants at other domains.”

Yeah! (Props to KP in AZ)

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The Internet Archive

You might know it as the way back machine but the Internet Archive but Brewster Kahle strives to make it much more than a tool for taking trips down bit-memory lane:

“Folks are using the Internet as a library, and they're using it many times every day,” Kahle continued. “We're seeing much more traffic on the Internet then we ever did in our public library system, but what's available on the Internet isn't the best we have to offer. Almost everything on the Internet has been written since 1996 _ and most of it has been written for the Internet.” Kahle's dream is to collect online the great books on which modern civilization is based.


Written while groovin' to Overhead from the album “Ep - Iron And Wine” by Iron & Wine

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December 09, 2005

The Rap Community

Did you know that the Jazz community was tighter knit than the rap community? That is, on average, only two degrees of separation separated any two jazz artists. For rap artists the number is three. This is fascinating research that ought not be ignored. The misogynist nature and the gang references I can do without. But the rhythm and the community that hip-hop (né rap) creates scratches me (ha!) right where I itch.

Written while groovin' to Chi Ching (Cheque 1 2) from the album “Single” by Lady Sovereign

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December 07, 2005

Kooks of Hazard

A pretzel and an intern nearly killed them both. (Props Naisan)

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Halo Effect

I can't tell you any specifics about purported halo effects of iPod into CPU sales but I can point you to publicly available data.

Written while groovin' to NPR: All Songs Considered for Wednesday, 07 Dec 2005 from the album “NPR: All Songs Considered” by NPR

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December 06, 2005

NYTimes Op-Ed

Written by the lead singer of a rock band:

“The truth is that the more a record gets listened to, the more successful it is. This is not just our megalomania, it's Marketing 101: the more times a song gets played, the more of a chance it has to catch the ear of someone new. It doesn't do us much good if people buy our records and promptly shelve them; we need them to fall in love with our songs and listen to them over and over. A record that you can't transfer to your iPod is a record you're less likely to listen to, less likely to get obsessed with and less likely to tell your friends about.”
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Google: Ten Golden Rules

Google: Ten Golden Rules

I've been using this one in my own management for years now and I hope those that have worked with me would agree on its merits:

“Strive to reach consensus. Modern corporate mythology has the unique decision maker as hero. We adhere to the view that the ”many are smarter than the few,“ and solicit a broad base of views before reaching any decision. At Google, the role of the manager is that of an aggregator of viewpoints, not the dictator of decisions. Building a consensus sometimes takes longer, but always produces a more committed team and better decisions”

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December 05, 2005

Bat Mitzvah

“Go shorty, it's your bat miztvah, we gonna party like it's your bat mitzvah.” - 50 Cent(s)
And by the Way, Neil Young won't do any gigs for cash, well, besides playing concerts for his fans. Mark my words, Neil Young's popularity is going to skyrocket over the next five years. Authenticity like his is craved more and more in these days when formerly private commercial pursuits like those referenced above become the fodder for prolific bloggers hell-bent on exposing the commercial underbelly of 'artists'.

Written while groovin' to Down By The River from the album “Greatest Hits” by Neil Young

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What a Sweet Riot

Sarah Endline started a company called Sweet Riot. The make these super cool cacao nubs covered in yuminess (OK, this isn't very technical, Sarah can fill in the details on the comments). Suffice it to say they're rad. And they come in this terrific little tins that are adorned with artwork that matches the flavor of the cacao...complex and a little nutty (like me, badumbum). After just a few weeks on the market Sweet Riot is taking off...they're the first food item to be carried in the MOMA store in NYC and they made BusinessWeek this past week (so we know Pejman's in!). If you're gonna be at SXSW then you can hear Sarah speak on a panel...Sundance, yep they'll be there...TED? prolly. You guessed it, this is cool kid cacao.

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December 02, 2005

Have no the adult

Have no the adult the child that look after with the old man prohibition against the next sea swimming

Wanna try to figure out what this is actually saying?

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Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is gonna do 12 podcasts. Check here on December 5th to download them each Monday.

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Can't Get Enough Borat

Borat (like English Barry but people call me Steve) has a few tasty morsels I hadn't seen until this evening. Few others can make me laugh out loud like him. Enjoy. Props MarkT.

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December 01, 2005

Numark PT-01 Record, Yes Record, Player

There's been a lot of talk, maybe too much talk, about U2 these days on this blog. This blog is not a fight blog, it is mean't to be funny, bloody funny.

Oh, speaking of U2 I bought a Numark PT-01 record player for my office. It's so cool I can't say enough about how much fun it is to pull out old vinyl records (like Joshua Tree) and listen to it warmly...warps and all. Next part I spin at? That phrase will sound all lil' less cheesy. I said a lil' didn't I?

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