February 27, 2007

Mosaics are Fancy

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Medieval Islamic artists produced intricate decorative patterns using geometrical techniques that were not understood by Western mathematics until the 20th century, scientists have discovered.

“It would be incredible if it were all coincidence. At the very least, it shows us a culture that we often don’t credit enough was far more advanced than we thought.”

I'm insulted. Have they not ever eaten a koobideh? That, is evidence of an advanced civilization. So true my friend, so blue my friend.

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Know Your DOnors

It was discovered that Abdul Tawala Ibn Alishtari, an indicted terrorist financier, gave more than $15,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee. “We need to be careful,” said the NRCC in a statement, “not to rush to judgment.”

Yes, let's be careful.

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February 25, 2007

Just Cous(ins)

Kevin, Kristen, Kory, Katy, Kia. First cousins. Sanamagan.

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February 02, 2007

New Jersey's NEwest Hip-Hop “Kids”

Picture 1-6

The New Jersey Nets have a new dance squad and it's comprised of senior citizens. To be sure I was skeptical about the whole thing but after seeing them dust their shoulders off and strike a pose (as well as hearing what fun they're obviously having) I'm convinced that this is a brilliant marketing move on the Nets' part. (props to uurf for the original mention...and for reading this bad boy semi-regularly)

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Tag! 28% of You Are It

I like tagging. The Pew Internet(s) and American Life Project does too. Well, enough to write about it anyway...Pew Internet: Tagging.

Written while groovin' to You Know I'm No Good from the album “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse (really good...think old soul with new production)

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