June 28, 2007

The Art and Science of CSS

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The store I'm responsible for doesn't look as good as it does by accident. It's through the hard work of rock stars like Boltron (among many others). Jina just happens to be the one who has a current Amazon best-seller! Congratulations Jina, this is a big deal.

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June 27, 2007

Steven Levy from Newsweek

Steven Levy from Newsweek says:

During my travels and airport delays, I was able to keep up with my e-mail, negotiate my way around the downtown, get tips on the city from an old friend whose number I don’t normally have handy, check the weather conditions in New York and D.C., monitor baseball scores and blogs, listen to an early Neil Young concert and amuse myself with silly YouTube videos and an episode of “Weeds,” all on a single charge before the battery ran down. Now, just about all those things could have been done by devices that are already out on the market. But considering I’d had the iPhone for just a day, and never taken a glance at a manual, it was an impressive introduction. In contrast, I’ve had a Motorola handset for two years and am still baffled at its weird approach to Web browsing and messaging. What’s more, with the exception of learning to type on the iPhone, which requires some concentration, doing all those things on that five-ounce device was fun, in the same way that switching from an old command-line interface to the Macintosh graphical user interface in the mid-1980s was a kick. And when I showed the iPhone to people during that trip and in the days afterward—especially people under 25—the most common reaction was, “I have to have this,” sometimes followed by a quick, if alarmingly reckless, consideration of what might need to be pawned in order to make the purchase.
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iPhone Expectations

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(Flickr photo courtesy of digitalnomad)

Friends and family have been pinging me for a few weeks now about the iPhone. The press reports are starting flow in and rather than comment publicly on any of this work stuff I thought I'd let David and Walt speak for themselves. Oh, and Feist was a blast last night, she is one talented lady with a stellar band of multi-instrumentalists with her.

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June 25, 2007

Profit Margins

Fact of the day: Google's net profit margin last year was 29%. Amazon's was 1.8%. I'm just sayin'.

Written while groovin' to Above and Beyond from the album “Back to Mine - Röyksopp” by Edgar Winter

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June 22, 2007

Tortoise Totally Wins

I've been busy at work, you know we're about to launch things and stuff and what not. To keep you placated I give you the tortoise vs. the cat...the cat has no idea how determined this lil' bugger is:

Written while groovin' to Between The Lines (Feat. Bajka) from the album “Days To Come (Zencd119)” by Bonobo

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June 11, 2007

New Store Home Page

Picture 1-7
The team launched some great stuff today...including the new tabs across the top of the fleet of apple.com properties. And check out the wide home page...makes you wanna take advantage of that Back to School promotion dun't it?

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June 07, 2007

No Talking in Class

Pedagogy Lesson #242: If a kid talks too much in class, don't do this:


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June 01, 2007

Fire. Fire.

Have you ever seen fire react to music?

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“Dell Shares Advance on Layoff Plans”

That actual headline from today's Wall Street Journal (subscription req'd) about Dell's plans to layoff 8,800, or 10%, of their employees. That's one way to raise your share price.

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