October 29, 2007

Stat of the Day

A Facebook group supporting Stephen Colbert for President already has more members than Barack Obama’s Facebook group.

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October 26, 2007

How-to: Proper Gmail IMAP for iPhone & Apple Mail

Filed for later reference...How-to: Proper Gmail IMAP for iPhone & Apple Mail

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October 24, 2007

Influencers Growing Wary of Fakes

Caveat: Influencers Growing Wary of Fakes:
“There's no rocket science here: transparency matters,” she said. “Those entities that are the most transparent and say, 'It's us and we're proud of what we're saying,' do far better than those organizations that don't reveal themselves.”

Written while groovin' to 15 Step from the album “In Rainbows” by Radiohead

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October 05, 2007

Zimbabwe Situation

I have an Aunt and Uncle that live in Zimbabwe ad reading the news of that country's troubles led me to send them a note asking how things were going. I got the following response today:

We got your message and we are sorry that you are worried about us. Before
when the news outside would reach us, we would tell you do not worry it is
not bad at all, but I can not say that any more. Things are really bad and
the supermarkits[sic] are empty, there is no bread no cooking oil, no rice no
soap no tooth paste no sugar and no nothing.We are alright for a while, we
have managed to get few things from Botswana, but when it finishes, we have
to see what happens. To-day after whole week of calling and going there and
using precious petrol, we managed to get two chickens, there is no meat or
chicken. What to do, I don't know, we carry on this way and hope that things
will improve by end of the year. I bake bread with the flour that we got
from Botswana. Petrol is just not there, Enayat catches bus to go to town or
go on teaching which he has been doing twice a week. Doreen, you remember
her Jamshid, is living in England, she send us some coupons from there to
get petrol to use only for teaching and we have to be very careful not to
use it for personal use, that is not easy since our petrol gage does not
work, but we are managing and trying. Life goes on, we both have our health
thank God, and I give Yoga lessens 3 times a week, we get vegetables which
is so far available, and we are mostly vegetarian now which can only be good
for us, what we get is very expensive and the money as you make it,

Read more background about what's going on Zimbabwe. We're looking into what, if anything, can be sent to help those that can't get things like toothpaste. and flour.

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The Korean War Has Ended


Written while groovin' to Korean Dogwood from the album “Cripple Crow” by Devendra Banhart

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October 02, 2007

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas?!

From yesterday's (October 1st!) Wall Street Journal: Chief Toy Officer Laura Phillips noted Wal-Mart is starting “early and aggressively” with its holiday pricing. More price cuts, or rollbacks in the company's parlance, will be announced every week “in this aggressive move to lead the market on holiday savings.”

Chief Toy Officer? The title might as well be Santa Claus. Did I already mention it's only October 1st? Yesterday, in the car, Luc was asking about Christmas and it quickly led to a conversation about commercialization and consumerism. I wish I'd had this article at hand (subscription req'd).

Santa Claus and the beach stop
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October 01, 2007

Radiohead Says: Pay What You Want - TIME

When Radiohead was out of their record contract at the height of their popularity many wondered what they might do next. Thom Yorke, free from label oversight, released a terrific solo project. And live, Radiohead tried out material that was purportedly being considered for inclusion in their next album. Now we learn that rather than milk the public by going to a major record label that prolly would provide lots of marketing muscle but little else, the band have decided to release the album themselves digital-only (and from their site only) and ask the public what they want to pay for it at the time of checkout. Seriously:

In Rainbows will be released as a digital download available only via the band's web site, Radiohead.com. There's no label or distribution partner to cut into the band's profits — but then there may not be any profits. Drop In Rainbows' 15 songs into the on-line checkout basket and a question mark pops up where the price would normally be. Click it, and the prompt “It's Up To You” appears. Click again and it refreshes with the words “It's Really Up To You” — and really, it is. It's the first major album whose price is determined by what individual consumers want to pay for it. And it's perfectly acceptable to pay nothing at all.

This is a pretty big deal. I'm guessing the record labels aren't real excited about this.

Radiohead Says: Pay What You Want

Written while groovin' to Everything In It's Wrong Place from the album “Me & This Army: Radiohead Remixed and Mashed Up” by Radiohead

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