December 23, 2007

Don't Shoot The Messenger

Sacha Baron Cohen
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Borat is no longer, nor is Ali G, according to Sacha Baron Cohen quoted trying to promote some new movie everyone is going to be bummed about because it's not Borat, Ali G or Bruno.

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December 22, 2007

An Important Resolution :: Situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran UN Documents - UN Watch

It might get a lot of press but resolutions like this: UN Documents are a big deal. As my friend put it recently, “it's like shining a light on the would-be burglar.” If the light were to go away he'd feel empowered to start stealing again.

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December 15, 2007

AT&T Home Service

As I pay my AT&T residential bill ($5/month for call-waiting? Really?) and wait for my new iPod to finish synching I read the fine print on the back of this month's bill:

“Over the last several months, we've transformed the AT&T brand to reflect our commitment to our on-the-go customers. As more customers seek to stay connected at home and on the road, we're borrowing from our mobility group and including more orange throughout our communications. Why? We're in the business of keeping you connected, and we want you to know it. Look for more AT&T orange in your January statement.”


I will hardly be able to sleep until then.


Brand hypothesis: a brand's success is the inverse of the amount of time spent talking about the brand.

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December 12, 2007


For a guy like me, who doesn't have cable service (or a TV for that matter (I am so much more literary than you)) a site like OpenHulu is a welcome bookmark.

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December 08, 2007

How Much for this Blog Entry?

Title aside, the NYTimes article which includes Radiohead interviews (the first since In Rainbow's release) is a good read.

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December 07, 2007

Rap Represented In Graphical Form

What would popular hip-hop songs look like if they were represented in graphs? Prolly something like this:

Warning: some hip-hop songs (and their corresponding graphs) contain graphical language and imagery.

Written while groovin' to Electric Relaxation from the album “Midnight Marauders” by A Tribe Called Quest

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December 06, 2007

Cosmic Funk

Stones Throw is one of a handful of record labels from whom I will buy a record unheard. Their tastes are closely aligned with mine and releases like The Heliocentrics is no exception. Check it.

Written while groovin' to Bunky's Pick - Cut Chemist from the album “The Funky 16 Corners” by Various Artists - Stones Throw Records

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