May 23, 2008

Inner city snail - a slow-moving street art project

I have had a love/hate relationship with snails ever since I found them destroying our plants. I feel a little less aggression towards them now that I view them more as canvas...Inner city snail - a slow-moving street art project.

Written while groovin' to Gold and a Pager from the album “The Bake Sale” by The Cool Kids

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May 15, 2008

Great idea.

presenting, apple logo. for you. (up there)

Originally uploaded by RazielPanic.

One of many more higher quality ones I assume. Nice work Raziel.

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Two Different Companies

Picture 2-2 Picture 1-11

Written while groovin' to Dragon's Blood Resin from the album “Metal Fingers Presents: Special Herbs Volumes 3 & 4” by MF Doom

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May 09, 2008


An R2-D2 DVD projector and wireless webcam with a Millenium Falcon remote control? Yespleasethankyouverynice.

Written while groovin' to Honeydew (feat. Fi) from the album “Keep It Unreal” by Mr. Scruff

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May 05, 2008

High-End Video Equipment

The beauty of high-end video equipment is that you can do stuff like this.

Written while groovin' to Beside You Through The Wires, Forever from the album “XLR8R - Incite 59” by Phylum Sinter

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