December 07, 2010

Taking Screenshots on Android

If one needs to take screenshots on an Android device, to quote Mr. T: I pity the fool.

It can be done, though. As a reminder to myself of how to do this, as well as a way to entertain the interweb(s) there's this comparison of how it's accomplished on the iPhone vs. Android.


  1. Hold down the home button and then push the top button.
  2. The screen will flash and the resulting image will be placed on your camera roll.


  1. Turn on USB debugging (Settings-->Applications-->Development)
  2. Launch phone in bootloader mode (Power on holding track ball down)
  3. Plug in Nexus One via USB
  4. Download and install the Android SDK, it's available all over including from Google themselves (
  5. Run ./ from the terminal
  6. Download/Install ShootMe application from one of 30+ app Android marketplaces stores
  7. Unplug phone from computer
  8. Shake phone when on a screen of which you'd like a screenshot
  9. Turn of USB debugging (Settings-->Applications-->Development)
  10. Plug in Nexus One via USB, the device should now appear on your desktop as a mounted USB drive
  11. Inside is a ShootMe folder, your screenshots are in there
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